Tuesday, September 24, 2013

at Craft Adda :)

Do explore the recent post at the craft adda blog :)
Hope you like the unique ideas I have incorporated on the card. :)
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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Here and there !

Ahoy Sailors ! 
I thought why not share a complete post here. Its just been sneak peeks for a long time and it sucks !
 Lo! I start with the best part of my project, flowers.
I drew them, cut them, coloured and distressed them. So they are handmade in every rustic manner. 

Please ignore the glue peeking out of the petals. 
A few days back I posted on facebook about UHU glue complaining about its not-so-good adhesion. 
Well, it so happens, as revealed by my friend who saw to it that a lesson was taught to me, I tend to pull apart things while checking for the strength of the glue. She said "Well K, why are you posting about it on fb, ask me. If you pull apart your papers or anything in a teeth grinding strength, no glue would withstand that force". 
But ! 
Yes, but...with UHU glue, there is a method. I was not completely wrong in being bewildered about it.
You have to glue both the surfaces you wish to adhere, wait for it to get tacky ( which means it becomes translucent from its previous clear state) and then stick the surfaces together. 

Somehow, the distressing of the flowers I did turned it into this leathery looking wild flower. 

 To make the small flowers, I used a jef punch on a distressed paper and used fevicryl frolika 3D in royal blue to make the centre. 

The fact is, I wanted to match the flowers with the Papermania designer paper I have used to cover the wallet box card. 

Finally! the shimmer shimmers in the sun to prove that I had after all sprayed the flowers with heirloom gold shimmer. 

Turns out, I managed well with a floral spray. 
I have had  wire wrapped in floral tape for a long time, I decided to make tendrils out of it. 

To be truthful, I am not sure I can pull off a good vintage project. However I am ok with this wallet card. 
I like the size and the fact that it allows good enough space adds to its charm. 
The problem is the colour of the designer paper. I am scared of such dark vintage tones. Mustard is certainly not my favourite colour, not even this blue. 

Thats the front that snaps close with a self-adhesive velcro dot I purchased a while back. 

Damp squib ?
I knew it. When I made the wallet I had no clue which designer paper would I be using and it turns out,  they are stark contrasts. I am disappointed although the fact that it won't show when closed, gives me some respite. 
I don't think that the person who gets it will actually see it wide open :P. 

 Anyway I loved making the charms for this key holder. Its essentially made using tim holtz embellishments but this was my first attempt at colouring with alcohol ink and I love it.
This is my DT inspiration for the present BGC challenge # 38 that I am hosting at BGC.
Do drop in :)
We love visitors and let me know what you think about this.
Trust me I need reassurance from time to time to believe I am creative.

P.S. I have had no time to be a part of ongoing challenges but I guess I would want to be a part of crafters corner's 321 challenge this time :)

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Amazeballs !! :P

When you are asked to or expected to study .. 
Well the mind rummages through a junk of other things.. 
Say craft ideas, craft storage, crafty splurge and so on. 
Yes I have two hemispheres in my brain ...the left side thinks of craft and right side thinks of craft..somewhere between the two sides I think about umm..Anthropology and again I try to fit in craft over there.. he he..
So about the card.. Well you saw it at BGC challenge # 34
But there was more to it. 
Its a surprise pop-up card and some of you wanted to know what exactly is that card. 
Here's the link to the youtube tutorial. 
For those of you who wouldn't want to drag their bums to youtube..
Well its kind of a easel card ...but only a part of it ..especially the focal image stands on display instead of the complete flap.

The tag with "you fill my heart" acts as a lever. You pull it up to display the focal image on easel.

Yup I accented the paper with embroidery.
Loads of it..and I would encourage people who can embroider or who love using floss on paper.. to do it free hand and not use tools. Because we as human beings are capable of maintaining uniformity and some amount of imperfection is always more endearing !

The paper is sassafras ..count me in..wee bundle. I love it so so much that I save every bit of it. The base CS is Fabriano. Do u see that new MS embroidery punch ? :P
I bought it a year back from Joann. It took a year to reach me .. :S
So the border has black rhinestones in the not visible.

I have very few shinhan touch markers. 
So these colours are a mix of Sharpie and Shinhan. Yes I kinda drew the image seeing a digital image. 
I don't know the source but I wish to give full credit to the original creator of this image. 
I copied every bit of it the exact way. 

This is how the surprise pop-up would work once the tag is pulled.

The three yellow gingham flowers are local purchase and I love the way they perch when you pull the tag. 

Sooooo...........let me know what you think about this. 

Monday, July 01, 2013

yohoooo....knock ...knock...BGC #34 is here ...

I have no clue why this word kept reverberating in my mind..
May be it has something to do with the fact that I get to post on blog.. 
Yeah !!
I am posting .. other than just liking people's creations and sighing :D 
*Monkey dance start*

*Monkey dance....stop!*
Yes there's more than meets the eye .. click anywhere on the pic and it is sure to take you to the challenge page. :)
chop chop !!