Monday, December 27, 2010

paper mache bead tutorial this is again a recycled recipe ;) and trust us, you all will enjoy making them considering they are so easy to make and the ways in which they can be used are plenty.

Materials Needed:
Used sheets of paper (you can use magazine sheets, newspapers, used notebook pages anything) 
White Glue
Colours (poster paints or any other)
Knitting Needles
Spatula to mix the ingredients
A gas stove or microwave
Mixer or grinder 
lot of sunlight :)
and the will to create ;)

Step1: Collect all the material we have in the pic below over a span of two days ;) (just kidding). Alrite the first day you just need used paper, water and the stove. Tear the sheets into small pieces, its such a stress reliever, venting out your anger and frustration on the poor sheets of paper :D. Boil water in a vessel and put the torn pieces of paper in the water and let it simmer for around 10 minutes. When u feel the paper has completely absorbed water and is soggy, remove the vessel from the stove and let it cool. Once cool (remember not cold but warm enough for you to poke your finger and not feel uncomfortable :P).
Drain extra water from the soggy paper and put the paper in a grinder. Grind it till the paper is pulp like and looks like the pic below. You can store this pulp for sometime in refrigerator if you dont wish to use it immediately, for around 15 days.

 Step 2: Squeeze extra water out of pulp till it is almost dry, mix the white glue in the pulp and keep mixing it with your spatula till you feel that the anymore glue will make the pulp watery. We need a dough like consistency. 
Step 3:Mix a colour of your choice and knead well.

 The consistency below is what you should aim for.
 Step 4: Make small balls out of this paper dough, the size of beads you wish to make. Pass the dough balls through the knitting needle and balance the needle on two stable stands the way it is shown below (however we doubt our's was the most stable way :P). If the needle falls you will still have colourful beads but they would have flat belly :P. Keep them in sun or dry them in microwave for 2-4 minutes if they are not dry after a day or two sun (keep checking in between).
 Step 5: The beads below are semi-dry and have been pulled out of the knitting needle.
       Step 6: While the beads are still somewhat wet, pass the needle through them again just to ensure that the hole is unblocked and in shape, if at all the beads crack while you are doing this, dont panic, you can mix a little glue again and reshape them or if it is a small crack, simply smoothen the surface with some glue.
Voila! there you have your colourful and extremely lively, light weight paper beads with endless crafting opportunities. 
Note: The beads will not have a smooth surface as they may look in the picture above. They are still wet and till they are stone dry, there is uncomfortable metamorphosis in shape, though they would still look unqiue and cute.
Seal the beads with varnish, so that the beads are somewhat water-proof.

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