Sunday, December 26, 2010

YEEEEEEEEEEE..............So We FINALLY Begin our Blogging Journey :D

Hey Everybody :)
Merry Christmas ..
We are so so glad to share with you our creative pursuits, that, we have been nurturing for so long within our limited domain. We hope and wish that this journey never ends....
Mere thought of papers, pens, colours, ribbons ( so much more) and there we go drooling over what all craft goodies we can create of them! :D. We have put up few of our creations, for you to appreciate ;) as well as comment upon ( we welcome your suggestions, criticisms etc :P), as our ultimate endeavour is to hone our crafting skills! New to blogging biz..we would like your help in dealing with our daily blogging disasters...

Alrite enough about our blog ..of course this is our passion, creation and salvation..but the narcissts that we are, How can we not talk about ourselves? *giggles*
So, as many of you may have 'not' noticed, we are anthropologists :P, one Physical and one Socio-cultural (keep guessing who is what ;)). If you don't know what anthropology is, google it! here's the link And to say the least, we are bored anthropologists pursuing our respective PhDs ( Oh! How we wish even this could be collaborative). Just an observation for the records, we are probably the only social-physical buddies in the whole of our department, devoid of our subjective bondage, on the whole, a strange and seemingly important sight :)...
We are as aimless as an amoeba we decided to start our own household crafting business :D
On a serious note, the two of us (two females :P) met in one of our boring lectures in the university (if the professor of that lecture is reading this ..we are not telling who you are :P) and as they say rest is history. We lived through each other's trials and tribulations, struggled through exams, exploited "gtalk" and other networking sites to their maximum capacity, just to maintain our friendly bond. While I (the hungry and forever famished hosteller) mention about our devoted and loyal friendship and talk about the other one (the generous food providing day boarder), i might mention that we met at one of the most crucial points in our lives...the diet challenge :D...We both became friends while we searched and shared ways to lose our seemingly permanent baby fat :D ( i might say i succeeded while the other one is struggling, though quite close to where i am ;))..Oh! during those days we stumbled on to each other's talent of appreciating anything that seemed colorful or could be/could not be created by hand. Fun times they were!
We searched the net vehemently to learn new craft techniques and also funky terms, while others rubbed their nose to get good grades ...our demi God google would rather mysteriously take us to numerous craft blogs and interesting craft projects, each time we resolved to know more about the Australopithecus and Cro-Magnons! We realised it then ...even God wanted us to craft...  :D *drools* here we are with our brainstormed brand-name which is registered and boasts of a self designed logo *bloating yet again* ... (some day i might sit with you all and discuss the meaning of our brand) for now I would rather arrogantly claim it was meant for us and no one else ... :)

While i toil with our new blog, the other business partner snores away to glory .. :(
And she would not create a thing ..( her new resolution :D for the next 30 seconds)
Anyway..the blog, the brandname, the 'coming soon' logo and the crafty tit-bits that we would soon upload on the blog, are all very close to our heart , every little detail from the blog template to the arrangments of various gadgets, each has a story behind it..hence be kind with your criticism... :P

In the end I would just say that the two of us have really high hopes and dreams :P
We wish to carve our own niche (you all must be wondering why not a niche in anthropology :P) in the crafting world, our individual identity!
We would upload posts about our crafting lives and its struggles, some spoon feeding kind of projects, some new techniques (which may not be as new as we may be ignorant enough to assume but then only sharing can solve this illusion), some alternative ways to the various methods and tools our western side of the world uses.. (we understand the pain of not having a cuttlebug and dies and inks and what not ) and finally we would come up with our products for sale ;) (the final aim)...we would love to hold on to you till then!
Ciao for now 
The famished half of crafting aberrigines :P

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  1. I like all your was fun to go thru ur blog and read your witty writeups!


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