Monday, January 17, 2011

Of Prowess and Philosophies...

A very prosperous New year to everyone ... (the wishes are late but they are as sincere and  warm as always) :)
The title of this post seems quite  :P ummm...speechless !
Long Time...
But trust us ...more followers and close to 315 page views did boost our morale a lot :P
What more? Well...the first comment that we received on our blog from Selva Ganapathy forces us to offer him our first complimentary handmade titbit in absolute reverence :P (Selva do place your order and you would get it free of cost, from us :), we would even manage the postage and handling charges :P).
This temporary lull on the blog has nothing to do with the cosy confines of the quilts or the cold Delhi waves. Slowly yet steadily our posts would rise and then there would be a point when you all would feel like blocking us and our notifications :P...
On a serious note today/tonight we wish to talk business ... (be serious, we Can talk work!!)
After being in touch through Orkut, FaceBook, LinkedIn, twitter and yaaaak yaaak ....the list goes on, don't we often want to stay away from this technological paraphernalia and lurk in some deep dark corner? We get this feeling too often to mention, to the extent that we avoid each other :P. Obviously the blog was not only meant to keep us in touch, it was meant to serve manifold purposes. To feed our insatiable appetite to craft, knowledge sharing and idea exchange (strictly craft based :D), to boost our already inflated ego with your appreciation ;) ,to broaden our crafting horizon and finally the one closest to our hearts, to support a community of underprivileged children. No, the work is not entirely an initiative towards social work but it is one of the many visions. Crafting Aberrigines was never meant to be a non-profit organisation and it is not...but definitely we do feel that parting away with some portion of our profits won't kill us, besides we both adore children :P and yes the task at hand gains all the more impetus when there are kids involved...Why are we telling you all this? (once the money leaves your hands and reaches ours, you don't really care how is it used...think again ...what if we use it to create dung I sound Harry Potter'ish?)? The answer is simple! We love jabbering about Crafting Aberrigines, just like new mommies, just like Fred and George Weasley passionately worked for their 'Joke Shop' (Do I again sound obsessed with Harry Potter? Oh I certainly am) :P..We want you to know it all. We support 'Parichay Abhigyan Society', an organisation that has been functioning successfully in the remote regions of Delhi, for more than a decade now. Unique and innovative in its approach the project never ceases to amaze us. Beyond this, if you wish to know more you can always click on the link above and we would also keep you updated about its activities on our blog. 
The other day while pleading some of my friends to visit our blog, they asked me to give them an idea of what are we doing on the blog? What is it selling (some even went on to ask "where is your dukaan" <---- this happens to be the most disturbing and exasperating equivalence sought for what we are doing on the blog :P).  Definitely does any of you, know how and why are we so different from others in our gene pool? :P Why us ? aaahh...the trap of why should you choose us over others! Honestly there is no cut-throat competition between us and some imaginary 'they' and no such commercial aspirations thrive on our part. Both of us would like to stay in denial and under utmost illusion of being one of our kinds and that you all have never seen anything like us :P... We simply love the whole idea of crafting since we know that the possibilities of creating something different and unique are endless. Out of love when we did create few cards (pictures of which were posted in the first post) for friends and family, they persuaded us to take our hobby seriously, something we always wanted to do but didn’t know how to start with it. So here it is ...our very own craft station of custom made stuff! Oh and of relevance is the fact that Crafting Aberrigines is not about pink and red frilly things. Honestly, the rugged half of our world ;) can also check our blog, you will definitely find something of your interest too, I mean even if you think everything on this blog is too intricate and therefore girlish, think again....don’t you feel the need of gifting your mum or your girl a cute card or a trinket box or just some bookmarks to your lil sibling? Won’t they drool at something that was created especially for them (customised ;))? Tell us their name, their colour, their style and we would make it for you to give them a gift they would always cherish. In turn you satisfy us, the craft gluttons :P ! (what desperate marketing :D)
In weeks to come you would find much more action on our blog since we would upload more pictures of our craft so that you are able to size up our prowess in our work ;). For now you can look at the pictures of an upcycled sweets box which we decorated with quilling craft and would be using it to store our craft tools. Do tell us if you want something similar for yourself.
As good as new :)

oops ....its upside down :P
 A pink handmade paper frame (side view) and matching ribbons
The completed Box (This was orginally a sweet box that is close to 3 years old)
So if we create, you would have also noticed that we stress a lot on up-cycling and recycling. Yes! We believe that the planet is overloaded with hazardous waste and the least we could do is to not create more. Everything that we would make will be packed in eco-friendly sturdy packages which can be used again. We would try our best to avoid wastage of material and would also request you to do the same. We cannot possibly reverse the adverse impacts on our environment but it is never too late to learn where to draw the line, where to stop and to mend our reckless ways of handling the nature.  And therefore we can definitely prevent further irreversible think about it. 
We Aberrigines don’t follow the path laid down by our honourable thinkers and philosophers hence we don’t propagate any school of thought except the one that talks of “world peace” :P...Actually on a serious note, we are much too free-willed to walk behind anyone..again is your mind questioning the relevance of such a statement? You’d eventually realise what we meant when we said these words  :D...
Till then. ..arriverderci from the craft fanatics ... :)


  1. Awesomeness!! I simply love the colors and the beautiful floral pattern!

    P.S.: I am sooooo jealous of Selva! I also want a complementary tidbit! :)

  2. this is equally disappointing ...
    You want a complementary stuff ...but you wouldnt place your orders..traitor ! :(

  3. ha ha gift for me.. thats so sweet of you! :).. yay!... I would like to order a couple of book marks... will mail you the details!.... after a couple of months I'll participate in your activities much more actively! :D


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