Friday, August 26, 2011

crafting till..I drop :) two more cards ...

Hey guys ....two more cards for you to feast your eyes on ... :)
Hope you all like them 
Thankfully I tried few different shapes ...I was getting sick of the usual corners, decided to smooooothen  them  :P

The pink card is for my friend's younger sister..she wanted clouds and stars ..both :D dreamy and sky is the limit kind of concept :) I hope it fares well ..

And finally the flower-pot card...oh I have been dying to make one of these for a year now .. :)
The insert was a lil bouncy, thanks to the dozen roses and I love the wooden button ...will put up a tutorial soon :) 
[ love the lil stamps ...don't laugh but the I found these...hold your breath... "Hannah Montana"eraser stamps at a toy shop and the ink-pad is the usual faber castell inkpad :), no i am not crazy after her still..]

Lately I have surfed the net to its utmost limits and voila ...I found an Indian Craft Room forum ..I am so excited, will get to join more crafters and will get to learn a lot I am sure :)
till then ..cheers :)


  1. wow .. you are a anthropologist !
    Today only i was reading about Dr. Louis Leakey and Jane Godall !
    And you people craft too ?? I am shocked !!!
    lovely work ..
    i really want to learn the flower used above
    and also how u made cloud shimmer

  2. awesome mallika ..
    Yes I am a doctoral fellow in anthropology..leakey and Goodall are my bread and butter :)
    I shall put up a tutorial soon :)

  3. Got your link from ICR and so glad I dropped in.. such lovely creations here.. all so beautiful

    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  4. Beautiful creations dear. Love it.


  5. thank you so dearies :)
    sudha i have already gone through your blog left right and centre :)


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