Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a note of appreciation for Indian Craft Room :)

A lil while back I came across Indian Craft Room (visit my page) and trust me people, I have been bowled over by the network and the people and also their creativity and here I'd think only I knew about cuttlebug, memento inkers and stamps. Boy! was i demystified about it all? To keep it short, I was making every attempt to ask people from different backgrounds (totally unrelated to crafting) to join the blog, what I didn't realise was the fact that such attempts would help me in no way (without demeaning their contribution to my blog, I love you all) and get me no where in my cravings to learn more and more crafting techniques...obviously other than those who could craft. I appreciate the fact that Indian Craft Room helped me find like minded people and over the span of some days, I have learnt a lot about blogging and crafting as well...thank you guys..I wish this goes on forever and gets better with each passing day .. :) :) :)


  1. Feelings mutual and ditto... i owe a lot to ICR...!!

  2. I know..I have just started :) my journey ...!!

  3. Thanks Girlie..such kind words make us feel so makes the whole purpose behind the conception of this forum worth its while!!!
    Do keep dropping by and if there's anything you want to know or need to know..just shoot an email..we'll do the best to help you!!


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