Friday, September 16, 2011

Flowery Friday Series ...Chapter One : Wallpaper Flowers

Heylooo..peoples .. :P
Here goes the first chapter of flowery friday series...tutorials :), so I thought of calling it freaky friday ...but then flowery friday seems good enough..
I shall be giving you a tutorial on flower making (fabric, paper and whatever I can get my hands on) every friday all are invited the party :P
No actually to give your feedback, ways to improve and obviously few kind words of appreciation ;) if and only if you think I deserve them :)
Voila ....lets start
So these are the supplies you will need
1. Thick Paper ..I used some golden wallpaper from stash but you can use any soft pliable enough paper but it should not tear easy
2. You need circle and oval punch or either of them
3. Glue gun or any strong glue, I find Fevicol SH strong enough
4. Beads (optional, you'll know why)
5. A pair of scissors (Obviously!! for anything)
6. Embossing Pad and embossing tool
7. Alrite this is again an optional tool but I kind of need it all the time when I use a hot glue gun, a steel spatula from my school dissection set, which I never used for dissection :) (I'm against animal abuse)..anyway I use it instead of my fingers to adhere stuff with hot glue.
8. Any thick paper ( I use the ones used as a support in new dresses and shirt packages)
9. a permanent marker (I used a brown sharpie)

With these supplies .... ;) a lil variation and we will have two easy peasy flowers :)), so we have punched ovals from the wallpaper and circle punched from the thick sheet that will make the base. I generally keep a lot of these circles..

Use the embossing tool to mould the ovals into saucer like shapes...
In order to do this you simply need to apply more pressure at the centre of each oval. Ok, If you don't have the tool ...use a pen which has a smooth, round bottom to mould the petals.

Once done, the petals should look like the pic below...small bowl like. 
I outlined them with the brown a way to highlight the edges, since my petals will overlap each other. You can use ink to give them a defined edge..anything would do !!

Paste them on the circular base in the manner below, I used hot glue gun ..since the wallpaper is not very easy to stick with simple white glue. Simply put a glob of glue in the centre of the circle you are to use as a base and then arrange the petals in a way that one petal overlaps the other, use 5 or 6 many you want..its readyyyy!! 
Note: When u paste the first petal to the base, don't paste it completely, simply paste a teeny weeny tip so its stuck to the base but not strongly adhered. So that when you complete the circle of petals and reach the first petal, you simply lift the half of first petal and overlap it on the last (if it seems complicated, well, you need to start making one to understand what I mean, however I wish I had taken a pic for it too ..I didn't ...loser me! ) 

To hide the ugly centre ...I used three beads...and the flower is absolutely done !
Isn't it simple ??

For the next Flower you need the same supplies..its just a variation of the one above... :)
Instead of the ovals, I punched out circles...but you can use ovals as well.

Pinch it right in the middle .. :P he he
Any point on the circle's circumference can be the middle :D
so pinch it inwards (right side in) and stick it ..check the pic

Now turn each petal upside down and using an embossing tool, poke and smooth around the pinched corner. Check the next pic

Complete the steps with all the petals..

Once all your petals are shaped, they should look like the picture below, do they ?? :P

Lets start arranging them on the circle punched out of a thick sheet of paper in the same manner as the flower before, overlapping each petal on the other..

The finished flower would look like this ..

I finished it with a single bead on top but you can add any other embellishment. Its your preference after all :)
Voila ! we have two flowers .. ready to be used on cards and all ..

Hope you like it ..hope i added on to your knowledge..would love to get a feedback or two..

Wait for the next tutorial on fabric flowers .. 

P.S. Its still technically friday :P


  1. very nice tutorial !
    will try soon

  2. Absolutely awesome!! Where were you all this while? hiding away...super cute...looking forward to more tutorials!!

  3. This is awesome.. The second one looks wow.. Am gonna try it ASAP

  4. Thank you all ... :)
    I guess next friday we will have the fabric roses ...I so love to use :)
    Keep an eye .. :) you may find it useful

  5. Hey.... its super duper awesome.... Thanks alottttt.... I like both of these... so easy to make if you have punches... and yet so elegant... Looking forward to your next tutorial!

  6. thank you Priya ...glad you liked it :)

  7. Lovely. I have made similar circle flowers before but yours looks so much more grand!

    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  8. Thank You for dropping by my blog- you asked about a photography tutorial-- I am no photography expert- I found that in my home I can only take good pics in my kitchen balcony in natural sunlight and using a white chart paper as the background works for me. Camera is a Nikon- quite basic- I use the flower closeup mode for closeup pics and party mode for indoor photos! Your photography looks fine by the way.

  9. Thatsa very nice tutorial indeed. And such pretty flowers :)

    Thanks for dropping by at CraftyJC Challenge. I hope to have u play along sometime :)


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