Friday, September 30, 2011

Flowery Friday Series...Chapter three : Ribbon blooms

Tadaa..I'm back with my weekly tutorial :)
I know I have been MIA  :P (Missing In Action) off late ..but I am mostly back in action now.
Have been home for long..with no craft supplies and nothing to make :( but then home is after all home..nothing makes me happier than staying here. 

Today I will be sharing a cute ribbon flower tutorial ..which is easy to make and should look gorgeous on any layout. 
The supplies needed are..
1. 12'' sheer ribbon..with an edge like the one I have ..would be good, wired or edged. 
2. Beads always optional
3. Needle and any color thread
4. Scissors
5. A circle cut or punched out of any thick paper any I actually mean any
6. Glue Gun or any other strong Adhesive Medium.
 I changed the layout a bit in order to explain better and keep a control on unnecessary blabber ! :P

Cut the Ribbon into five equal pieces of 1.5 inches...
Now you can either seal the edges by burning them (for which cut a little extra so after burning the length comes down to 1.5 inches) or by simply applying a very thin layer of white glue and letting it dry completely before starting with the next step..
I didn't do anything :P hence suffered enough later  to warn you :(

 Take each piece and sew along using running stitch ..the way its shown in the picture...remember to keep a huge knot at the end of the thread. A small knot tends to pass through a sheer ribbon.. Without cutting the thread ..string along all the pieces..maintaining the same pattern on each piece..

It should look like this..with all the five pieces on the same thread. Now very slowly start gathering all the pieces on the thread..
You do this not by pulling the thread but by slowly slipping the pieces towards the knot while the other hand holds the thread taut.

Once all the pieces are gathered should look like this. Make sure the round edge of each piece is facing the same direction...( I know its messy!)
The frayed edges of each piece ..should be at the bottom..
See since the flower diameter is not more than an have to be careful about the frayed edges.
At this point one of my petals actually frayed out so much that I had to glue it on the card base directly

Simply pinch all the frayed, un-frayed edges together and pulling the thread, wrap it around the  complete flower in two or three rounds and then tie a tight knot, making it look like a small stem. In order to secure the thread you can finally pass the needle through the gathered and wrapped stem to be absolutely sure. The flower would look like this from the top.. :) 
Take the small card circle and stick it at the back of the flower using a glue gun or any other glue. I do this to make it easy to store it and in shape.
Its also easier to stick a mounting tape on the back with the card circle and use it on cards.

Once the flower is done ..simply put a beautiful embellishment in the centre to complete the flower :)
I used a large bead for the centre..and then pasted a circle of few pink seed beads around the large bead.
Voila !
The flower's ready ..cute and tiny  :)

Hope you all like this tutorial ..
Do tell me :)
Would love your feedback and comments !

Ciao ! :)

P.S. I have ordered a lot of stuff from my wish list ..I'm ecstatic :D :D



  1. this looks interesting... thanks for sharing...

  2. Oh wow! This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Dear Kalindi, Thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my blog. You have a lovely blog and that tutorial is awesome.

  4. That is fabulous, thanks for sharing!
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  5. Very beautiful - thanks for sharing!


  6. Amazing! I have to get brave & try out some ribbon flowers. Your tutorial is so clear & your flower is so stunning!

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