Friday, September 23, 2011

Flowery Friday Series...Chapter two : Itsy Bitsy Faux Petal Flower

Heyy Crafters ... 
So how was the week ?? I am sure you had some real crafty fun with ICRC9 results out (Congrats to all the winners..I cant open the ICR page for some weird reason) ... Well..I am not in Delhi so crafting is a far fetched dream as of now .. have been busy with furnitures and interior decoration of the family house. 
So I decided why not share faux petal flower tutorial instead of the fabric flower tutorial.. (restless me)..I used this flower as an embellishment in the previous card... :) the baby card!!
Remember the faux petals box I bought from Itsy Bitsy? Well I was dying to use them..and it turned out a lil antique .. I love it :)

Did you know our Mums have this rather innocuous way of disposing off their old and nearly redundant pieces to their helpless hostel residing offspring :P hence the archaic electric press in the pics below ...which turned out perfect for this technique... even though I need two people to lift it but thats ok.

Sooooo...the supplies ...ehh I almost forgot ;)
You need ..
1. Faux petals.. I bought it from Itsy Bitsy can you :P
2. Few old newspapers .. (Yes!! I read the boring The Hindu)
3. Water in a spritzer
4. My very own..thick paper circles..for the base
5. Pearl Embellishment or anything for the flower centre
6. If you have an electric press like me me its awesome! else you can loan the coal iron press from the professionals ;) .. just an idea :D
7. Glue Gun 
8. Scissors
9. I also used Touch marker's colorless blender and old red (0 and 2)
10. My steel spatula 

So..lets start without anymore jabbering.
I took 16 petals, the first 6 were the original size but then I cut the next 5 petals a lil smaller than the first 6 and then the next 5 petals were cut even smaller ...making them the smallest. You don't need scales or any template ..just use your instincts.

In order to transfer the newsaper print on the petals need to keep in mind few things..completely based on my experience.. 
a. always look for interesting news on the newspaper don't need to transfer news about murders and crimes on the petals..people won't read still what if they are like my friends :P ...I took the kids section (once bitten twice shy ...I tell you! phew)
b. The print on the paper shouldn't be good quality, it should actually be leaky ...not in a liquidy manner but all I mean is ...if you rub your finger on the newspaper print, it should leave black all in all it should be inferior in quality.
c. Never think of transferring colored pictures...anything in color won't be would just make the surface dirty and stained  ( I know your creative this was just a warning)
Thats enough with the warnings.. ;)
In order to transfer the print need to set the press on medium..spritz some water on the newspaper print ...don't overdo it ...we don't want it wet. Now put the petals between two layers of by one I would suggest. Put the press on the newspaper at places where you have kept the petals. Wait for 30 seconds or even less ..and then remove it. Let the sandwich cool ..

When you remove the sheets will have to remove the sheet that was not in direct contact with the press..because it will be easily removed. Then will find the petals stuck on the other sheet like the pic below..
 you slowly peel them off the sheet ..and yaay have the wonderful print ..on them. Oh and just so you know ..the petals won't be the brilliant pink they were. They would start looking a tad bit old and would be lucrative with their vintage appeal :)

You see the petal on top ? the lil yellow shade on it...well :| to tell you the truth .. I wasn't very smart either ...I tried to ...phew ...errrr....transfer a colorful butterfly from the newspaper onto the petal :P and all I got was this yellow stain ..which looked dirty.  Anyway the petals are done with the transfer print. 
Don't they look vintage already :P ?

Heat the glue gun (Be very careful with these tiny temperamental beings ..muddle headed they are !! :O.. I tell you, all my fingers have been a victim)..lets start with the arrangement. Fish out the base card and start by putting a glob of extremely hot glue on it..

Start with the largest petals ..and stick them on the base by overlapping one side of the petal on the other petal as shown below ( I tell you to do this all the time ..because it makes it easier to give some volume and 3D effect to the flower). Try to do it quickly enough so the glue is still liquid because while you do this ..use the spatula to squish the base of the petal a little. Make sure the printed side of the petal faces you :D..

After completing the first round ..get the smaller petals and stick them on top of the bigger petals.

When you stick the next round ..don't stick the smaller petals exactly on top of the larger petal..instead shift them ..randomize them they are in between two larger petals. Again squish their base gently..and overlap them..

Finally put the last ring of smallest petal...and repeat the steps. Randomize the order a bit and squish them. The flower is almost done..we'll now focus on giving it more volume!
In order to do this simply need to shape each petal by smoothing it width wise and putting some pressure in the centre of each petal, thereby stretching the margins so it hollows inward .. I did it after pasting the petals because it gave me a fair idea of how much I needed to work up the petals checking the complete flower time and again..
These faux petals seem to be made of fine foam making it easier to maneuver them but if you are using some other material ..make sure it is pliable enough and holds up well to the maneuvering.. :)

Using a base always keeps it neat and simple ... :)

This was a last minute decision ...Due to lack of any ink .. ( I know I should shut up ..I keep on ranting about the lack of supplies :P ) I simply outlined all the petals with my old red touch marker and rubbed it inwards with the blender .... I did it after I was done with the flower ..however if you plan to do the same with your flower ... ink it up or color it just after transferring the newspaper ink...It would be easier for you !!
And last ...I pasted a small flat back pearl embellishment from Itsy Bitsy in the centre.. !! 
DONE and OVER ..

 Do you like it ?? 
I hope you do :)

would love your comments and feedback always.



  1. Wow, beautiful. I like it.


  2. Hey which petals are these... I have been to itsy bitsy but never seen these petals!

  3. and by the way the tutorial is fab! gr8 job!

  4. love your blog!!! the flower tutorial is so cute!! Love the idea :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!! So sweet of you to leave many comments for me. I love waking up to them!

  5. Oh my goodness! This flower is THE most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The transfer is incredible. (I am actually drooling, here!) lol. Seriously gorgeous! Gotta put this on Pinterest & try it out. You ROCK!


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