Thursday, September 08, 2011

Major Major Haul ...the Crafting Haul :) :) :) *drool*

Yeah ...I am droooling :) :) :)
and you know why ...? Look below ;)
(don't know what a crafting haul is ? check this link)
Hey People ... crafters :)
I was accorded with some Midas Luck I guess that I ended up buying so much at itsy bitsy online store and the Delhi Book and Stationary Fair (from next time on we plan to take a trolley suitcase with us :P).   The Itsy Bitsy package arrived a few days back and since I wasn't in Delhi, I checked it 3 days back only. Without further delay lemme start with my awesome haul stuff ;)

Oh...I totally forgot to mention these magnetic wooden alphabets that adorn my hostel almirah which houses all my crafting tid-bits do they look ? Got them at a toy store :) aren't they just adorable ?? 

Trust me you have to enlarge this image ...the colours I got are plenty and varied. I got Sharpie, Touch Markers, Aquarell Pencils and Noris Pencils from Staedtler and finally pens from Sakura...I know its too much for a single purchase but then, thats the way I am and you have to consider the discounts I got on these :D...( I am NOT addicted to shopping, I am just a craftaholic ;))..
 Remember, the other day, how I was complaining about Sakura colourless glaze not being available in India? Well! they are and I got three of them from the stationary fair for 30 bucks each :)...
I got 13 sharpie pens from a Reynolds boutique in Lucknow, the ordinary fine tip sharpie cost me about 41 Rs each and the Retractable nib cost me 108 Rs (includes 10% discount) :D
The colors I got are (in the order they are laid in the pic) Sky, yellow, peach, tangerine, brown, mint, orange, lime(retractable), berry (retractable), green (retractable), blue, aqua, turquoise. 

They said it is a good substitute of copic, Touch markers are made in Korea by ShinHan Art Inc. and the company claims to be an equivalent of Copic, Japan. The supplier at the fair said, if you are a cardmaker why invest in costly copics? You are not a graphic designer to be fixated on copics...logical eh? So i got eight of these on trial basis for 130/- each, the original cost however is 160/- but the introductory discount was awesome...touch markers come in around 168 shades and since I haven't used copics I am happy to have these in order to practice and then may be I will promote myself to copics. He said the copics would be 100/- costlier :|. Touch has yet to launch refillable sketch markers. The ones I own have dual tips, a broad and a fine. (Honest to God - they don't look as good as copics...though I havent used copic, I have seen a couple of videos and it seems touch is an inexpensive and lil inferior sister of copic, I may be wrong :), your feedback is invited)..

Love the HB2 Noris Pencil box :) sleek and elegant. The box has 12 pencils for 360/- which were again available on 10% discount. smells of wood ;)

Hold your breath for the ultimate water colour pencils, Aquarell from Staedtler. They have 60 shades!!!!
They are considered to be the best in the world. I got these from the  fair too.. for :( 4400/- (Don't faint, there's a discount of about 1100/- and they are like spreading butter on paper). I love them already...

The touch marker shop had this double sided tape (quite like the sticky tape) for 200/-. The tape is really great and the roll has 20 meters of it.

Another buy from Reynolds boutique Lucknow, is the SIMBALION marker set. The paint and permanent marker set works on most of the surfaces like paper, wood, cardboard, ceramic etc. They are alcohol based, acid-free, archival quality, fade-proof markers made in Taiwan. The set of 8 is for 360/-.
The posmarker set of 6 has water based, pigment based blah blah markers for paper. The price is 245/- only. The markers have water color feel to them and have all the basic colours like pink, red, yellow, green, blue, white, gold and silver. 

The famous Kangaro stationers had 20% discount to offer. I got the Indian version of crop-a-dile which sets just one size of eyelets. I got multicolored staple pins, a slot punch and a packet of eyelets.
I also got Koi water brushes from Sakura in two sizes, small and large :) yaaay ...(another complaint I had ... :P )
Write Site in collaboration with reynolds had a great buy 1 get 1offer, I got 6 packs of mounting tape :) but I paid for only three. :))
The Brushes are for 120/- each, the whole stack of staple pins for 20/-, the eyelet setter for 210/-, the eyelets for 36/- other than the pack of 100 eyelets that comes free with the setter, the slot punch is for 250/-, the write site mounting tape for 25/- each. (all discounted rates)

The other day someone mentioned doodling on Indian Craft Room, I am a doodler and so to say a compulsive one...hence the doodling and colouring book by Usborne (Scholastic Publishing House) are  an awesome way to start taking it seriously :) :), there are pages and pages of incomplete doodles which one is supposed to complete with her/his imagination and even color them. One of the best things is that the page quality is so good that once I am done with the book I might just use some pages on cards :P brilliant eh ? (315/- each)
The pre-scored cards were given to me as a complementary gift by the lady at the touch marker stall :D :D  with envelopes ...aren't you jealous now?
Then there are three stacks of envelopes which have 50 envelopes each priced at 50/- a stack. I love decorating them for traditional festivals and weddings. Best of all I don't have to make them ...yaay

Our very own gold and silver stickers ... I got an amazing discount on these too..3 for 100/- while if you buy it elsewhere it would cost you somewhere between 40 and 45 bucks. I now have a collection of these. 

Finally some Itsy Bitsy Haul...the theme I guess was baby !! Intentionally or unintentionally everything I ordered is pink, since I had pending orders for baby cards and I wanted to save my time..
The felt flowers and everything else is just too cute and adorable. Except for the knitting embellishment... :S  Strangely enough, when you look at it, you would know that the knitting needle is actually a toothpick which is not the issue, the problem is that no one has bothered to remove or cut the groove at the end of the toothpick, it somehow makes it so unreal and you know that its after all a toothpick. :| 

I would love to make some flowers with these petals..they are so good to touch and easily moldable. The paper flowers are mind-blowing....I would love to morph them a bit more since they give you so much scope. 

I was skeptical about the wooden flourishes but they are neat !
The cork cars are oh-so-cute :) and the butterfly, I am gushing about it a lot..I know but you have to see them to understand what I mean.

Finally the itty bitty embellishments ;) the buttons galore and the pearls are my last purchase for the month. I am just disappointed about the rain drops ...they are not good in quality. Everything else is of superior quality. In case you wish to go through the store catalogue and price list, here's the link
 I hope you guys would find something useful for yourself in the information and I wish you too become a craftaholic. Feel free to enquire about crafting and scrapbooking stuff available in Delhi.. (I might be able to help)
See you soon .. with some exciting new additions.
Ciao. :)

P.S. did you feel the earth shake ? I did was the second experience and it seems a phd in natural disasters makes me more resilient than others ;)
and yeah
may be ...just may be I will start a tutorial series !! Lets see how things work out with PhD research :)


  1. Let me first drool, then read, then come back and tell you again that you're are on a lucky better use these well and share loads and loads of to drool...The store that has copics here, has them for 350 a marker! he was to get these touch markers for 160 each...good discount..!!

  2. and p.s the KOI brushes aren't that careful when using them...either that or I got a bad one!!!

  3. i could not actually believe this post girl.... its amazing the stuff u have got there.... have an amazing crafting time!!!


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