Friday, October 07, 2011

Flowery Friday Series Chapter four : Fabric Daisies or whatever they look to you :P

I know ..I know ..I have just been posting tutorials for the last one month ! :(
Well..its just that I have been shuttling between home and Delhi so much that I didn't have time to look at anything much so that I didn't unpack my bags thinking I cud save on the packing time again ;)
And !! Honest to God ..I am waiting for my craft stuff that I have ordered :P I somehow can't get myself to craft ...since I have so much to look forward to :D :D 
Now! the tutorial ...the flower is quite common  so is the method..and many have posted a tutorial for the same ..but just in case you have missed it on other blogs and sites can have a look here :)
                                                                             The Supplies you'd want ..

1. A stiff fabric .. I used a maroon synthetic version of organza that tends to fray a lot !
2. Beads (optional)
3. A pair of scissors
4. Circles punched out of thick card-stock to be used as a base
5. Glue gun or any other adhesive
6. Needle and any color thread..

Lets start ..
Cut 5 squares out of the fabric ..measuring 2'' (inches) on the sides. They needn't be perfect but roughly the same size. You can overlap or fold the fabric and cut all of the squares at once.
Once you have cut them all .. fold them by bringing together opposite corners. Using glue gun or any other adhesive..stick these opposite corners together as shown here. Use a very small drop of glue to stick the corners.
Now, fold it again into half from the longer side so that the two corners that have not been stuck, come together. You can again glue the corners or just hold them like this and press the folds with your fingers so that it doesn't open again since the fabric is stiff and makes a crease.
Using running stitch, sew along the straight edge. You can again just make rough stitches it won't show.
In order to make it into a petal, all you have to do is gather the fabric on the thread.
Wrap the extra thread around the petal two to three times and then to secure it, pass the needle through the wrapped fabric as shown in the picture. Cut the thread and repeat the same steps with all the square pieces. Keep in mind that they should all be approximately the same size hence when you stitch them with running stitch, make sure you leave the same length and breadth of the margin on each of them.

Cut off the extra fabric to make it neat and prevent further fraying. Leave a small margin even now, so the thread doesn't slip and the petals don't open eventually .. a thing that happens with me all the time.. :D

Start by arranging the petals on top of the card-stock base and stick them using the glue gun. 

The flower is almost ready :)

I used khaki color beads on the centre of the flower. Since they were on a thin wire I simply made a coil and stuck it..on the flower :)

You have it !
A red flower with an abnormally large centre :P
I went a lil (well ! may be a lot) overboard with the centre :D
Anyway there you go :P
do let me know what you think of the tutorial..

Tip: Experiment with fabrics and prints :P which I know you all will..

P.S : I have started accumulating stuff for the blog's first anniversary :) there are stickers, beads, sketch set, even the flower here and a lot more already... :) Get ready for the candy .


  1. wow !
    this is a great tutorial

  2. this is so beautiful! thanks for the tutorial!

  3. firstly, i love the linen texture of your blog!!! very earthy!!! and the flower tute is perfect... thanks for sharing! love the way u attached the beads in the center... great idea of having them on a coil and then sticking...

  4. Oh! WOW this is so gorgeous, love the fab tut. Thanks. :o)

    Donna x

  5. Lovely. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Good stuff...I love the flower..but since I love beads..I love that long strand of beads...yummy!!

  7. OMG this flower is are so very clever!!!
    Hugs xx

  8. Oh wow beautiful flower and thanks for a fab tutorial too :)
    hugs Mandy xx

  9. i made a ton of these using banarsi and jamawar fabric. They look super eastern in those material.


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