Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flowery Fridays Series...chapter five - Twisted roses

 Ahh..there you all are :)
Its been an eventful week :)
Other than hunting for craft supplies online ..I found new crafty friends Neha Jain and Priya Sondhi  (Priya is Not so new ) :D
 Neha and I plan to go craft shopping soon .. reminds me ..I need a paper trimmer ..which one is the best according to you all?
I have been brooding over Fiskars and Purple Cows..But I would love to know what you think :)
Today's tutorial not new to many but to few it may be ..
Hence I don't expect the pros to comment on the tutorial but I still need to know about the trimmer so drop in your feedback about that guys .. :)
Supplies :
1. Fabric .. I have that chinese synthetic Organza (dimension : 2'' by 12'' )
2. Cardstock Base 
3. Glue Gun 
4. A pair of sharp scissors
 And so we start .. 

Take the fabric along its breadth and fold it into half ..not all the way down but just around an inch..hold it firmly, if you want with your fingertip mark the fold crease so it doesn't open on its own..
Take the corner of the folded side and join it along the length as shown in the gives a diagonal edge ..
Start rolling the fabric inwards from the diagonal edge..Roll it once or twice and then follow the next step.. :P
Pour a little glue on the card base..

Stick the twisted fabric in the center of the base...
Once stuck it will be easier to maneuver the fabric around it ..
Start twisting the fabric and rolling it around the shown here :) Don't bother about the frayed edges .. they look awesome ! Trust me  :) :)
You can go around the center as many times as you want and make the rose big ..Simply keep sticking the fabric with the glue gun in between on the card base or with the center..
To finish ... stick the leftover fabric (around 1/2 inch in length) at the back of the card base ..

Stick another piece of card base on top to make it neat and easy to adhere to your craft projects :)

There you go ...
You have some really nice tattered and frayed roses..
If you want you can embellish the roses with glitter or a beaded center but I like to keep it simple .. :)
Do tell me how you find it ..
This is the last chapter in the Flowery Friday Series :)
I am going to collect my craft goodies from Karuna tomorrow :D :D and I am delirious to say the least :D 
For now I will have new toys to play with :P
I am again going home for Diwali so this month would be mostly quiet on the blog ..but I won't stop commenting or blogwalking :D
Arrivederci !  :)


  1. Lovely flowers, fab tutorial too, I have a fiskars trimmer and I love it, once got a purple cows but didn't like that at all, but it could be that's just me of course lol, hugs Liz xx

  2. I think Fiskars is the best :) Go for it! And have fun shopping :)

  3. Hey Thanks for the tutorial and Happy Shopping!! Do post a pic wht u've shopped :)

  4. Oh! I have the same fabric is pistachio color but never used it... i have to try this one.. thanks for sharing sweety!
    Aur kitni shopping karogi! I hope u didn't sold off your old laptop.. ;)
    As I told u before.. I have tried only fiskars sureshot.. and I love my trimmy..! It can also act like scoring tool... u just need to buy its compatible scoring blade... only thing is it doesn't cut indian handmade paper...
    Priya Sondhi...

  5. Beautiful roses - they would make the perfect embellishment for so many projects.

  6. beautiful I need to get my hands on some of that material to try it out... all the best on the shopping trip... have fun...

  7. ooh more shopping! at this rate, you'll keep on shopping and not create with your new goodies for a few weeks...then buy something that is missing from your stash..else you'll end up with an overload of things that you won't use!! (Just a bit of friendly advice)
    Pretty roses!! maybe I can try..but ain't got no materials!!
    and for the paper trimmer- I'd recommend Fiskars anyday over purple cow!
    This post might help if you've not read it..

  8. Pretty flowers dear. Thanks for the tutorial.


  9. Khalindi Tejal is the expert on paper trimmers do read her article. After reading Tejals article I got a local guillotine Paper cutter a month back and just love it as it cuts thin thick all kinds of papers including handmade with clean edges- its nothing fancy but so useful for me especially for my kiddos school projects.And it does not need any blades to replace and cost Rupees650 only.

    And yes I echo Tejals advise- hold on the spending- sometimes I am glad we dont get stuff in India- it challenges us to create and be more innovative with what we have!!

  10. fabulous tutorial must try this one out thank you for sharing
    Hugs Kate xx

  11. Simply beautiful...lovely work!


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