Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wishes and Greetings

Hey All..
Long Time no see ehh..? :P
I know I vanished ..because I am home .. :)))
There was so much cleaning to do, even in the new house that I am astonished !!! 
Alritey..Wish you all a very Happy Diwali.. May it bring all the peace, fortune, happiness and light in your life and that of your family members..! The wishes are a little late because I have been bednapped..Thanx to the untimely bout of fever and cold :( :( 
Anyhow ..The pic below is just a way to wish you Diwali ..and to also show you our new wooden temple..we are a family of 'termites' :P when it comes to wood..there is no limit to our obsession with wood as you can see a bit of our wooden railing as well !
Notice the vapours rising ..I love it ! 
Almost as pure as anything can be :) (would love your feedback on the design of the temple..we designed it :D)

Thanks and love 


  1. Kalindi.. All of them are gorgeous but u r not supposed to post ur ATC's till ur partner receives them.. :-|

  2. hey I love wooden temple and all the pretty decorations around it..
    Cards are just wao! b'ful and so soo elegant! they are reflecting the indian festivities perfectly.. Love you matching envelopes too ;).. Glad I inspired someone in anyway... :)
    That background made through scoring is outstanding!

  3. oh teri !
    will remove the post ..asap !
    I didn't notice there was anything regarding the post on the blog ..oops !

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Hope you had a nice Diwali :)

  5. hey Wish you belated Diwali wishes too :))I liked the wooden good :))

  6. Yes I love wood too and the design looks awesome.. In my family my hubby loves to design wooden stuff--i tell him he should have been a carpenter instead of a doctor!

    Happy festivities



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