Friday, November 04, 2011

ATCs and Great buys ...
:D yes ...slowly and steadily my couriers have started to arrive..and I got my BIG SHOT !! Will do a separate post for all that I have bought :D
For now let me take you through a guided tour of the two of my most beloved packages..
Imagine the lazy me..entering my hostel room (which happens to be the most morbid of all the places, by far !) after an overnight train journey and there lies a teeny tiny flat package of speed post on my table..its anticipation and fatigue mixed together..but this explosion awaits me ! (pic below) 
A unique card my senses at least...I fell in love with it the moment I saw it..

...and with every single layer that unfolded ..the excitement new no bounds..just an upward lift ! :P
The banner is so delicate that I cant stop gushing over it with pride..I am the recipient of this masterpiece !

The flap lifts and another surprise awaits ...

The tiny pocket on the envelope ..well it is too detailed for my comfort (I need to learn the art of perfection and intricacy). Notice the calligraphic expertise. The card in itself is a statement..and the anthropologist in me awakens !!

If that weren't enough...I open what I think is finally the card and POP goes my heart :P
A string of dancing white women greet me...Is that the card ? 
The whole of it is !

So finally ...this is what it takes to make a perfect card. Hmm..I need to think all over again..if I thought my cards were fair enough.. :P 

Thank you so much Meghna :) 
its such a cute surprise ..I love everything about it.
The cork shade of paper, the Warli Art, the greeting, the extremely delicate paper cutting...and I could go on and on..

If I thought the ATC episode was over with this..well No!
I got another package from Shobana Ravi.. two super-cute darlings !!

I am showing you the proof of it :D  that its her. It was very thoughtful of Shobana to write a small note :) to me. The card is one of the best example of CAS, Isn't it ?
I adore that PINK flower :) 

Another one from her, which is the most festive, a greeting could ever get :D
The colours,  well at first I didn't believe it was a background created with distress inks..never tried it, never knew the results! 
Let me tell you.. I thought the card was printed since the blending is perfect and I am drooling over the super tiny crystals she stuck on the stamp.
Damn! how do people achieve such perfection ?

They are such lovely creations..
I will cherish them for life :) ladies..

Seems this month is being etched on my heart..most of my craft shopping is done.
I am now expected to make a lot of goodies :D 
So I shall :D


  1. wow... ur ATC's have arrived and they are just lovely... I love shobana's simplicity and meghana's intricacy....

  2. These are great!! love the Card by meghana...and now you start showing off your goodies!

  3. Show you big shot photos too!! And waiting to see what all you make!

  4. Most welcome Kalindi! :) Glad you liked what I sent :) Enjoy your new goodies!

  5. Hey Girlie..... m glad u like what I sent .... Must say I still have to learn a long way looking at shobhana's card .......

  6. wonderful cards and ery exclusive I liked your worli ones


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