Friday, November 18, 2011

Did you say Butter Pecan ?

 I love the color ...
You'd see it in the color of my flowers ...
After a tragic night ...the card is complete (story below, if in a hurry, jump up to the pics :P )
So a bulb fused in my hostel room's loo..yesterday evening the bulb was replaced. At 1 am, a drowsy girl (read Kalindi Sharma) stepped into the loo with nothing on her mind..just when she was done with her job and about to get up, the lamp ( read a toughened glass, 12" in diameter bowl shaped object) on the ceiling in which the bulb was nestled decided to fall upon my brainless head...just on top, now I have a bump the size of the lamp bowl on the top of my head. If falling from the height of 13 feet on my head wasn't enough, it shattered into tiny splints which thought it would be exciting to poke my skin ...hence came out the drowsy girl, still drowsy but shaken to see blood and a bump !!!!!
Would you call this simply tragic ? or hilarious ? or me being me?
P.S. I hate my life !!

So a friend wanted to give it to another friend, on her marriage..
In an attempt to test my limits ..I made a pocket card which was fine but embellishments were a challenge ! Phew...

The Butter Pecan colored flower is courtesy a digital print by Mel. Yeah Yeah ..I'm her ultimate fan ! :D

The dress is cut out from a doily I purchased from Sudha's store ..totally love it. Embellished it with Kaisercraft Rhinestones from the Crafting Queen store. The flowers are from Itsy Bitsy and the die cut is from a Papermania 12 by 12 sheet, courtesy my BIG SHOT bought from Aditya's Imaginations store. The trim is from stash.

The insert has a Vellum sheet on which I embossed  and scribbled to my heart's content with Sakura glaze and Tim Holtz Black distress embossing powder ! (Imaginations store)
The ribbons are from Itsy Bitsy again ... 
I painted and made that yellow cake in butter pecan flavor ! :D

Then comes the pocket !
The blue gems are from stash and they are drool-worthy !
 The flowers are made with mulberry sheet which was coated with glitter podge ( thanks to my darling friends who gave it to me with other things on my Birthday). The glitter podge I own is not from Plaid, its some other South African Manufaturer. Anyway when I coated the sheet with the podge, it gained a charming bluish sheen as it dried and the flowers turned out extremely stiff ..!

I am learning the angles me I think it is the most disturbing aspect of my creativity ...taking pictures of my creations!

 So what If I am addicted to the FISKARS border punch ?
The circle is cutout from the same Papermania Confetti Collection. The stamp is Kaisercraft...

Finally the looooong envelope !
Don't ask me the dimensions ..I am never good at it ..I just play along with whatever I have. 
Anyway the envelope is 18 inches by 6 Inches. The pocket is 15.5 inches by 5.5 inches and the insert is 14.5 inches by 5 inches. See there ? There is absolutely no logic in my dimensions..

anyway hope you enjoy the mismatch!
looking forward to your  reactions...

Ciao !


  1. OMG!!!! what happen??? I hope you are fine now...
    and the pocket card is lovely... Its soooooo b'ful! those flowers are absolute delight to look at... love the way u have embellished it... How did you manage to get those perfect swirls with the blue gems?

  2. I really dont know what to call ur incident dear but your safe and doing fine I hope now....

    The card is gorgeous... actually super duper gorgeous...

    did ya receive the parcel... sent ya a mail too... lemme know... please take care of urself

  3. I love the mismatch!! no logic makes the most sense sometimes!!
    Gorgeous stuff!!
    take care of the bump ( on your head I meant)

  4. I hope you are okay. That bump on the head does sound tragic. And it's official, now, I'm YOUR ultimate fan. (You are too sweet for words, by the way). Wish I could be a little bird on the windowsill of your craft space. How on earth do you get those flowers to looks so great? All sheer & brightly coloured and curled so lovely. And the colour combos of your papers. You're making me want to be brave. It's all so gorgeous!

  5. This is beautiful Love your flowers.They are awesome.take care of your bump.

  6. This is really pretty! Hope the bruise has cleared.

  7. totally stunning, love the detail and colour
    Hugs Kate xx


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