Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Practice Maketh a Perfect Box :D

Hey Y'all
Somewhere between Italian Pizzaaazzz..and rescuing a pup, I made two cards (claps... wink*)
So we found a pup hiding under a scooter with broken hind limbs..and it was named sticky in a jiffy ! :)
She hates us for getting her analgesic injections :P so much for being kind..anyway we took her to the dog shelter, we (me and my animal obsessed friend) are paying for its care..since we cannot keep her in the hostel.  :(
See thats her :) isn't she adorable ? 
One eye brown the other white, one muzzle brown the other white..she is an ultimate contrast of her own self :D
So thats that on my life ;)
Now comes the 15 minutes card I was forced to make :P for a friend...who pestered me for those 15 minutes to the point of explosion !
Used MY ...people notice in bold MY BIG SHOT and the bug folder everyone dots (Aditya's Imaginations Store). 

Flowers, Ribbon and glitter border from Itsy Bitsy..Fiskars border punch courtesy Aditya's Imaginations store.
Kaisercraft Stamp and some glossy accent bought from Karuna's store
Not very happy with my card though :( 
Don't ask me why !
Yes yes its MY SCOR-PAL in the background ;) (Karuna again)

The next is my first explosion box card :P ...from my temple where I seem to be visiting rather compulsively ..the and my the flowers are a digi print from my ultimate Goddess ..Mel.

So the flowers were tricky ;), but they look neat to this isn't self-adulation, rather shock at making something look pretty in the first go, without any goof-up. 

Aditya thank you so much for the goodies, I have been playing like a toddler with them...

So the bottom opens up with a boom !! :P
You see some butterflies every color ink I own again thanks to Karuna's Crafting Queen Store. The triangular patches peeping on the outside are stitched on to cardstock with some patterned paper from papermania. They are stripes, thereby qualifying me for ICRC12. :D

It all ends at the bum :P I kept the base simple and neat. The gorgeous sheer ribbon is from Itsy Bitsy..

Hope you like it..tell me if you do or don't :)
I would love to hear from you ..
This one goes for Aditya's DT contest as well... 
Sayonara! :)


  1. This is gorgeous stuff babes!! You are certainly making use of your new tools...methinks me should invest in the scorepal too...but still in the thinking stages which would last from one month to 4 months before I decide on till then I'll enjoy coming back here to see your projects!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for making my little old flowers look so incredible with that gorgeous colour & those curling petals & the beaded centers. VavavaVOOM! And such a neat exploding box. I've never made one; it looks so fun to open. Your card is gorgeous too with that bright butterfly & all the pretty lace edges. And, of course, Sticky! He is SO sweet. How wonderful that you rescued the poor little guy.

  3. Love love love !!!!! the box ..... n those flowers ... they do look neat to us too :D
    I just wana try tooo :)

  4. These are beautiful, love all the pink makes them so happy! Your puppy looks so sweet and your friend & you are so nice to take care of her! :)

  5. These are lovely! Those flowers are sooooo pretty! :)

  6. This is beautiful and you are very entertaining.Loved reading your little rescue story.My fav are those very pretty blooms .Pl share how you made them.

  7. Such a good thing you are doing for the puppy. The red flowers are gorgeous . SO delicate they look. Cheers

  8. The card and box are beautiful and those pretty flowers are fabulous decoration. I hope the puppy is improving!


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