Saturday, November 26, 2011

Twitter Twitter ...chirp chirp ... :P

 Howdy :P
Just a lil' something I made at home with all the left over wood and nails.
You see ...since my major research is in the field of Natural Disasters ..I have come to realize the importance of natural habitat and ecological balance in a much better way than ever and trust me ..we as Human Beings are doing nothing to maintain it. 
Somewhere down the lane we will meet the same fate as dinosaurs if we don't learn from our mistakes. 
Anyway that apart ..I do my little bit in order to keep the flora and fauna around me from depleting. 
Sometime back environmentalists observed a major drop in the number of sparrows in the country. 
My Grandmother considers them visiting the house as a good omen and if they choose a house for their nest ...she says ..nothing could be better than that .
Hence I made two birdhouses :D when I found out several chirpy lil beings on my mum's plants.
After few weeks of hanging them in our balcony and keeping the food in them ..a twitter pie actually decided to stay there permanently. (Mum gushed about it on the phone) :D
She seemed to be a better anthropologist ..(the birdie)
After a preliminary pilot study of the area and the food supply, she decided to bring her male counterpart to see the area. 
Next day the couple was ready with twigs and the construction started.
(Oh! just so you know, birds are real sensitive creatures and fiercely territorial. They have been known to destroy their nest and even their eggs after sensing human touch or proximity even in their absence. NEVER touch them or their nest, they would simply vacate the area and never come back.)
So..have a look at the two Birdhouses I made and Enjoy !

The family has shifted to the top birdhouse and mum puts their food in the bottom birdhouse since she doesn't want to scare them away. :)

If you ever make one tell me about it. I wish you involve kids in the whole project, why ? Because it is of utmost importance to educate them of their surrounding, the nature and even other organisms that own the planet other than us. 
I stand by crafting for environment as well .. :)
Hope this inspires you !!
Adios .. :)


  1. Thats so sweet of you to think about little creatures around us... bird houses are really cute... I like your spirit... Keep it up!

  2. Aww..this is so tweet!!! I'm sure they are tweeting their thanks to you...not virtually but maybe personally!!! Good going girl!!!

  3. So sweet of u dear that u think about the nature n bird house is so sweet. I love this.


  4. That is not just adorable but truly inspiring too.... Wishes!!!

    Ash... :)

  5. Khalindi such wonderful stuff- I am glad I found a fellow animal lover-- come to my home one day-- we have 2 dogs, birds ,fish and if I didnt put my foot down to animal lover hubby ,I would have a whole zoo in my flat!![Yes we have all these in a flat in a metro!]


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