Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Glitter Ball Obsession ..

Alritey ..
Typing with almost broken wrist (Dad confuses me by calling it Neuro-Fibroma) I hope the jabbering is low and the pics are many for you to enjoy .
  My very first attempt at making a circle flip card or book. The girl who ordered it, is photo obsessed so I might as well call it a circle flip scrapbook with eight sections instead of the usual four. 
Let me say.. I am not very happy with it ..
The issue being neatness..I had to hand cut  all the circles, which were eight in number. 
The smaller quadrant of pattern paper was guesswork at best with simple pencil drawn pattern that was hand cut :( I need more spellbinders else my BigShot will lie redundant !

Let me just say that Pie Lane and Itsy Bitsy are my saviours :)
The felt and glitter alphas, the butterfly and all the flowers except the organza one are bought from Itsy Bitsy. 
Did you notice the glitter balls ?
Oh I am so sickeningly obsessed with these :))
Jovi Darling ..I would need more of these in refill packs.
The felt alpha was stitched with rough running stitch, just to make it a lil exclusive. 
The pic of the kid was again cut using hand drawn oval template :( (I can't stop cribbing !!)

The cute pink pleated and crinkled ribbon is from my own stash. The eight chambers are not so easy to maneuver ! :S

 The cake .. :)) I drew it (inspiration was a digi print)  and the candle flames are depicted with copper glitter balls. Wicked ehh?

Fancy Tags die from Imaginations store. Pie lane glitter ball obsession will not cease !
Its her 5th birthday so the felt 5.. :)

The dark pink adjective tag is a digi print (source forgotten but I wish to give you your due credit. Thank you so much for the freebie)

The embellishments are mostly from Itsy Bitsy.

So I embroidered the lil felt dress from Itsy Bitsy with Anchor thread in pink ( I have totally forgotten what this longer version of french knots is ! :S)
The much needed bling is again the fluorescent green glitter ball and a rhinestone from Kaisercraft :)  

I just adore the banner :|
The alphabets are actually her name .. ADHIKA (How unique is that ? for a name ...)

The glitter ball passion doesn't seem to wear out !
The patterned papers are all from my papermania stack.   

he he ...The aerial view ! :D
I Know its not so neat but then ..its all hand drawn. My circle cutter doesn't give me large circles :(
Any advice ?

Hope you like it .
Would love to hear from you .. :)

P.S. My clearance puppy is unwell. But on the brighter side ...her bones have joined in harmony and she is walking again. She's a doll with blue eyes .. :D
 A pic for you to enjoy (that limb near my fat waist is the healed limb). 
The pup is scared just before an Intravenous feeding episode. 
She stopped eating in our absence.
How perfect is the name sticky?


  1. Its simply gorgeous! love all the sections... its lot of hard work!!!! how come u didn't like it???? Love the use of glitter balls as flames! how unique is that....

  2. Wow, thats like lot of hard work, cutting all the shapes by hand, putting up all the embellishments and making it look gorgeous :)

    P.S. Love sticky too :)

  3. Wow... Kalindi u r on a roll girl..... Its super duper cute..... Loved it :)..... Loger version of French Knots ??? Do u mean Bullion Knots ????/

  4. This is super duper the way u embellished it.Awesome!!:)

  5. are loving bling to the core!! love the bling and bling balls!! (imagine that in the worst sense..hehe!!)
    Sticky is so cute!!
    And for the large circles, I use my dinner plates to trace them!! no fancy gadgets there for me!!

  6. Hey girl.... i love all of it... how come u so sceptical...grt work with all the blingy... and glitter balls anytime is a hit.... all 32 colours waiting to fill up ur boxes...

  7. wow this flip book look's gorgeous so many details and all of them put together so well...its awesome!!

  8. In your crafting world there need not be a PERFECT shape.. Any shape is in fashion at any point of time.... That is a very passionate creation.... Makes me utter a phew! at the end of the my visual journey.... It looks so complicated with so much of patience asked for.... Kudos!!!

    And the Sticky is stuck to you forever... Have Fun!!!

    Ash.. :)


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