Sunday, December 25, 2011

Residing Wilderness ..!

Ever explored it ?
The wilderness ?
Did you ever pause to marvel the sunset ?
Yes..yes the city, in the suburbs !!
My father wanted me to befriend nature the day I was born, I guess he never had doubts about my limited infant brain's ability to understand the wilderness around. 
He made me respect all that lives...and hence started my committed relationship towards the wild. 
Every animal and every speck of greenery became a thing of beauty for me. :)
The flowers below were made with my eyes almost closed. 
I was a three year old again, walking with my starfish like hand in my father's hand and looking at all the wild flowers growing in our field. I could relive those moments. 

These were never meant to be named after a rose or a carnation, they were meant to be their ownself.

I made six of these, in three or four colors but failed to imagine how to use them so I plan to give it to Priya, for she knows how to use them best :) on her creations. 

This one turned out unlike any flower I have ever seen but I love it. 

All together.. :)

Do tell me if you like them. 
What about the photography ?? :D I am loving the experiments with my sony cybershot.
I had a blast making them.. :)
I would also want to thank Asmita for giving me those perfect flat backed pearls which look so cute as the centre of these flowers :) (Got them with my ATC)

ciao :)

P.S. - It seems I am suffering from some sort of hormonal imbalance :P
I am philosophical most of the time :D


  1. Brilliant!!! Love these flowers!!! They are looking so elegant and delicate... and you are mastering the art of photography too..
    Thanks for these.. I hope I will do full justice with these beauties..

  2. I love the way you write...wait I have said that earlier and these flowers are gorgeous.Absolutely stunning.Please share how you made them.Priya is one lucky gal for sure.I love your photography too

  3. lovely flowers ..
    one suggestion ..
    after clicking the picture .. increase the brightness ... the pictures will look fab

  4. Wow..these flowers are so beautiful! and are different too..Please share the details of how they are made :)...and I loved your philosophy:D

  5. wow your flowers almost look so ethereal...they are so so beautiful...are they made of fabric??what lovely colors..and priya is one lucky person:)but have to add that given a choice i too would give this to priya just to see what she comes up with...because it would surely be something amazing..she uses her supplies so well!!
    like i have said before i think your photography is just fab too.

  6. My dearest wild child who is in the midst of some unbalanced harmony ....these are just Ethereal...looks like I woke up in a dream and saw these...and they still look dreamy to me!! Gorgeous stuff....when the unbalanced phase is over and you're back to your own self again...please do share a tutorial...would love to see how you sculpt them!! :)

  7. And as for the photos, just play around with the contrast a little bit...contrast will straight away give it a WOW you have any softwares for photo editing? I usually use photoshop to up the contrast!

  8. Wow beautiful. LOve the softness of these flowers.


  9. Lovely flowers and lovely photography .... I m still looking at it over and over again... Please do share a tutorial .....

  10. love the flowers ...kalindi !!what are they made of ??? love ur photography too :)
    truly ur Awesome ! :D


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