Monday, December 05, 2011

A Thing of Beauty ...a joy forever ;)

This is my world ... :D
Crafts, Dog-sitting and Phd..
A life of a random research scholar is dotted with happy moments and loaded with frustration :D 
What do I do to reverse the equation ? I craft, I spend time dog-sitting and banging my head against the wall over anthropological theories  ... :D 
The other day I crafted two ATCs...for ICR's ATC swap.. (I'm a loyal participant for the fact that such swaps are the only means of dragging me out of my snoozzzzee cradle)..

I am sure I did some major miscalculation and they turned out to be not so standard sized ATCs, but I am learning from my mistakes ;). 
Nevermind..I did send them by courier to my surprise swap partners but no one ever got back to me :( 
Did you not like it ladies ? :((

Or so I thought ...Let me put forth my creation for you to tell .. wicked me ! :D


Supplies Used:
1. Digital Print - Mel Stampz
2. Random scraps of cream cardstock (Karuna's Store)
4. Tsukineko Dew Drop Ink in Magenta shade :P (Karuna's Store)
5. Silk Paper - Creamy Yellow
6. Glitter Podge (Staples)
7. Fused bead string in lavender (A1 craft supply)
8. Baby pink trim
9. Kaisercraft Rhinestones (Karuna's Store)
10. Pidilite - glue dots

Hope You like it .. :)
 if you don't like it.

P.S. Your comments on my writing skills have made me brood a lot ... :D 
I'm still brooding..... :P


  1. OMG! I love them.. Cutie patooties... :D

    Ash... :)

  2. Kalindi got mine yesterday... Thank u.. The flower is gorgeous... Sorry could not get back to you earlier...!!

  3. Lovely work Kalindi ..... In absolute love with the flowers :)

  4. these ATC look so lovely...the flowers are the show stealers for me...they look wow!!!

  5. The bling is what pulls my eye!! gorgeous!!!
    And yet deviate from what is normal..but they are darlings..lemme tell you that!!
    And if you're still brooding, I'm sad that this is such a short post!! Where's the drama? where's the fun in reading such a tiny post!!! I want more!! :D

  6. Beautiful work Kalindi. Gorgeous flowers n hey congrats for winning at ICR.


  7. Ohhh this is lovely the blingy flowers are gorgeous...and I love the way you write.Brilliant writing skills.Let us feast on them.

  8. lovee :)))) I just realized i have the same DIGI printed :D havnt touched it as yet but now i think im getting ideas from u !! yey !!!


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