Saturday, December 03, 2011

When Tragedy strikes does so in plenty !

Hello ... is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me ...ahh Bliss
Naahh...I did not become comfortably numb ..rather it seems that my fate likes being nestled in comfort with my numerous tragedies. No I don't whine to invite attention but My Life is an epic example of Murphy's Law !!
Remember the circle flip card I made ? Well ! My PR company (aka my crazy lil friend who loves giving a shout out for my creations ) decided to carry the card and the crafter (read me) together, around the foul smelling chemistry department to invite more and more orders. Just when I thought the fanfare was over, pop came an order.
A scrapbook for a senior who had her first wedding anniversary today (2 December). 
She wanted it to be ready in a night (no she did not dictate the norms) but I was too eager to take the order and did not realize that it may be a good time for me to have a reality check.  :D
 Below is the series in which the events took place ;)
1. I started the scrapbook at 7 pm the day before
2. I slept at 4:30 am in the morning next day !!!!
3. I woke up at 7:30 am again to complete it
4. I continued the creative session till 11 am
5. Finally I slept at 2 pm till 6 pm and I got a haircut (The hair don't look any better)
6. Now I am wide awake writing this post at 2 am :D 
The above stated pointers are not my usual routine although I am a hardcore nocturnal !
What bemuses me in the above events is my course of self- destruction...
How ?
Between points 1 and 2, I managed to be lost enough in my random creative thoughts, to poke the crafting knife right in my nose (Don't ask me how did the knife part point towards my face when it was supposed to point away ?), I missed my eye by an inch :D

Between Points 3 and 4 I managed to punch my ring finger with the eyelet setter. Again Don't ask me How ?
Finally between the same points I stepped on the extremely hot tip of the hot glue gun (I have a tiny burn hole in my sock) :D
The result however is below !
Enjoy the pages that were created with my sweat and blood :P 

The pages are pretty neat and if you ask me how I felt parting with the scrapbook ? I would say its like snatching a baby from a new mother ..! (Did I make it too painful an analogy? I do feel this way) :(

Notice the temporary signature ! :D

My best till date would be the crystal bling flourishes. I love making them :)

I still have no acrylic blocks :( so excuse the untidy stamping. 
What did I use for the block ?
The gorilla glass screen of my android phone :D :D tee hee .. ! 
Whaaaat ?? I didnt ruin the phone .. its still working, besides that was the only flat surface in my proximity.. :(

No glitterati this time :D I love the simplicity. For the first time in my life I had eyes for my scrapbook ! :) 

Finally the last page ! 

Supplies Used 
Distress Inks - Black and some yellow - don't remember, too lazy to check ! (Karuna's Store)
Memento Dew Drops - Sorbet Scoop Collection (Karuna's Store)
Papermania Patterned Paper (Numerous Collections)
Kaisercraft and Darcie's Cling Stamps (Karuna's Store)
Itsy Bitsy Embellishments
Fiskars Border Punch (Aditya's Imaginations Store)
Kaisercraft Die Cut Elements (Aditya's Act of Kindness :D )
Mulberry Roses (Jovi Darling's store )
Kaisercraft Rhinstones (Karuna's Store)
Touch Markers and Sharpie Markers
Spellbinders Die -Fancy Labels (Aditya's Imaginations Store)
Pie Lane glitter border - champagne (Jovi's Store)
Ribbon and Crystal bling (My own hoarding instincts :D)

Hope You like it .. 
Would love to hear from you :)


  1. Lovely!!! I liked the front page the most... and u knw wht? U r so hilarious!!! Love the way you write your post... :) and take care... crafting is not a war... play safe baby... ;)

  2. I don't know what I enjoyed more... feasting ym eyes to he scrapbook or the way you wrote the post.. you are hilarious... Although I agree with Priya.. Crafting is no war... yet you managed some pretty interesting run-ins... tk care and great work..!!

  3. Lovely ..... The scrapbook and the post ... :P As I have told you I love the way u write......

  4. Very very pretty,lovely choice of papers:)

  5. That's a lovely project! Bright cheerful colors to welcome you to scrap always.... :D

    Happy Celebrations!!!

    Ash... :)

  6. such an beautiful the way you have decorated everything and like priya i liked the front best of all:)....and i had so much fun reading through your post definitely brought a smile to my face...although had to say "ouch" once or twice:)

  7. the horrendous time u had getting this together sounds super hilarious in the post.... I just love reading what u write.... U make sure that v read your posts top to bottom....keeping us completely gripped... love the scrapbook... super duper!!!!

  8. You make it all sound so funny and what a labour of love it is finally! And my you do shop around!!

  9. Are you sure you want to be a crafter? Being a journo suits your better..or even one of those bloggers who write and write and have a huge fan following..maybe you should have a blog where you just write and I'll write comments as long as the blog post!!!
    Seriously...are you like that absent minded professor who picked up the iron to answer his phone?
    Next time you craft, either keep a first aid kit handy or a nurse nearby!!!
    And why kill your poor android phone? you must have plenty of CD cases? remove all the paraphernalia inside the CD and use it as your acrylic block!!
    But I loveeeeedd the album...gorgeous bling flourishes!! fabulous fabulous and simply fabulous!!!

  10. Omg the first Omg is for how the hell I missed this post and the second one for how well you write.Fabulous post and fantastic scrapbook stay safe and play safe.....but I don't mind if you imagine and create situations to write about


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