Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Candy Winner and my short term memory loss !!

I cannot believe myself for signing in my account everyday and forgetting about this post ..on a daily basis..Extremely apologetic ..
Anyway without further delay ..
let me say .. :(
I am confused !!!
Piyu and Poornima have voted for No.4 = 2 votes in favour of Dr.Sonia
Neha Jain has voted for two No.4 and 5 = ?? (she needs to pick one)
Meghna and Swathi have voted for No.8 = 2 votes in favour of Piyu
Dr.Sonia has voted for No.3 = 1 vote in favour of Meghna
Its a tie and Neha Jain need to tell me ..where should the candy be sent !!! 
Phew much for Fair elections can corruption ever vanish ?? :X


I appreciate you for going through my blog .. :)
I read all the comments ... :D I love all of them...
Thank you so much for taking the time and writing what you feel ... :)