Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A cocktail gone wrong !!!

Long Time ehh..?
How gloomy can one new year be? There was light drizzle and trust me, a shower would have been good, it would have washed away all my hopes and aspirations for this year..on the contrary how about some sunlight, what if with a sudden twist and turn in my fate for once makes things happen the way I want ? :O Oh, but it would be sudden..
If I sound ambiguous ...take it for granted that this is what happens when a student starts reading great authors and their work :D ( I am reading Simone De Beauvoir !! A feminist and an existentialist.. )
So I made these little beings below..and they went slightly wrong :P
Ain't it usual ?
While making the flowers I realized I had to have the heart punch somewhere, but its absconding !
So I handcut the petals in three or four sizes and distressed them...the center is mustard colored paper punched with snowflake punch and red daisy with a mustard rhinestone. 

The doily was used to mask and distress the background and this is where all hell broke loose. 
I have nothing that matches the abilities of a re-positionable adhesive and therefore I used my fingers to stabilize the doily and since I am as unstable as a nuclear reactor, I managed to smudge my impressions :D

Later the flower was added on one corner and it was noticed that the card was inadequate in many ways..hence a dash of embroidery in gold :D with a self designed flourish and finally pie lane could not have got anyone as obsessed with glitter balls as our "ICR pack"...

And then my sincere apologies to my ATC swap partners, if the ATCs don't look the way they look here :(
When I went to send them to our university courier guy, he checked the envelopes for its contents and guess what ...I had sealed them before hence all he could do was check from outside and the frisking took me by shock :'(, he turned and twisted and pressed the card, every move took a bit of my life. 
The primal rape of my ATCs have led me to decide upon another university courier guy :D
Hence I expect considerably less molestation in future
Any way hope you like these.. :)

Sayonara :)

P.S. I'd like you to give me comments not always in appreciation of my creations but also comment on the frailties of my projects, I'd like that more than the goodness. 


  1. Wow the punch + scissor craft flower is gorgeous. I noticed your invitation to criticism---Ok brace yourself here goes:-- your watermark is spoiling the beauty of the creation in some of the photos-- especially the third one.Do Resize the watermark or make it more transparent.

  2. i love the flowers girlie... very cute!!

  3. Fabulous!! Do you have to make me run for the Dictionary every time you make a post?
    One piece of advice when you posting something bulky or with layers..wrap it in bubble wrap..less chance of any molestation...
    And I've not found any re-positionable tape so far..all I use is sticky post its to adhere the piece on the other end! it stays, but not too well..if you find a solution. do let me know!
    Love the red, and yellow and bling!

  4. the flower luks gorgeous and so do the colors and i quite like the masked doily impression!!!

    well, i/o using repositionable adhesive(which i dont have any) what i usually do is either use paper tape(comes off super easily and sticks like a dream...) or use the post it's sticky part as the adhesive to hold down the object...

    Hope this helps!!!

  5. Honestly...I tried my level best to find aberrations in this one but failed miserably.I think this is perfect and the way you always marry your creations with prfectly hillarious writings make your blog posts perfect.i love the flowers and the contrsts and the details and the elements...and your photogrphy is also beautiful...heck where has the cocktail gone wrong?It is perfectly intoxicating

  6. I still love them and are with me till date :)


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