Thursday, January 19, 2012

A man's dream...

Oh..put a stop to your dirty minds people.. 
(read it till the end ...and you'd know the name of my candy winner)
A bike every Man's dream or so I have observed. 
I have seen their hormones go topsy turvy when they see another similar specimen of manhood zoom past them on a handsome teases them more than a guy with a beautiful girl. ;)
I understood it the day I saw a Harley Davidson parked in Khan Market..I skipped a heartbeat ...for all I know, I now understand their delirious ecstasy and their perpetual yearning . ;)

It was hence befitting for me to make a bike card for Aditya.. :P
So what if a hedgehog is riding it ... :P 
its still a bike ..its still a RED bike ..and ...
its a cruiser bike !! :D :D 


I would have left the card at that ...but then I thought ..whats a card without embellishments? 
 Some psychotic flower fixation I have acquired .. :P
Thank God ..I decided upon these simple mountain valley Florettes instead of the usual shimmery ones.. its not everyday we get to make manly cards .. ( I sense a Gender bias here)

Obviously the image is hand-drawn. The obvious part being ..that I don't own many stamps and this one in particular :P 
Coloured the image with my Aquarells (Please excuse the inept coloring, shading was never a competent attribute of creativity)..
To give the bike a more raised texture ..I coated the entire area with glossy accents and guess what ..? 
Yes..the persistent calamitous clouds hovered and I put my ruler on top of the still wet glossy accent .. :D
I am generally in damage control mode all through crafting a proactive measure !

 Among the many flaws may also notice that the fuel emissions of the bike look like water splats ... :P 
The bike seems to be slinging mud instead of fuming... *grin*
enough !

Let me come straight to the winner of my candy 
According to the votes ..the WINNER is ..Dr. Sonia (with her extremely cute and creative Daughter Prisha)
Congratulations and Celebrations ....lalalalaaaaala..
Please contact me Doc ! :)

So I also have few queries and I need all your help 

Question 1 : Of all the Indian brands available..which glue is by far the best bet in quilling, card making, scrapbooking ? Consider this..I am still sticking things with fevicol and have not been brave enough to try any other glue ..things fall off in the long run with fevicol and I am extremely unhappy. I made a scrapbook and used fevicol to stick designer paper on chipboard pages..the pages are slowly coming off .. :(

Question 2:  Which paper should I use for my focal images?  I mean I use cartridge sheet pads for water-coloring and markers but with repeated coloring and stroking ..the paper starts coming off in layers !!  I found Fabriano's water colour sheets but I didn't buy them for they were costly and I want to invest only after discussing it with you all. 

Question 3:  Does anyone have a home-made recipe ( with products easily available in India) for glimmer mists ? :P I know I sound crazy but ..insanity is my means to creative exploration ..
Please please please..answer these as it would help me a LOT !!
hmm..that is all for now ..
*As for the various flower tutorials ..I would come up with them soon*
Right now ..academic commitments score a little more .. :S


  1. Beautiful card.
    I use only fevicol til now for all my projects,one thing u must use them little or else they may damage the paper.
    Try canson water color papers for images,that is the best brand for water colors,but quiet expensive.

  2. wow this one is simply fab ..i love the hedgehog on the bike and what a bike it would impress any boy/man...your drawing skills simply amaze me!!with talent like yours you will never need a stamp!!!
    and congrats to DR Sonia on her win:)

  3. Thats a lovely masculine card :)

    As for the glue, other than fevicol, I also use glue and gloss which is a bit more stronger than fevicol. You can also try using the double sided tapes that are now easily available at stationary stores.

    For water coloring, I have used Fabriano acquarello sheets and though they are a bit expensive, they work really great!

  4. Khalindi Thank You for announcing our snowman as a winner- its not my project at all strictly my little ones' so I am thrilled to bits!
    Fevicol is what I love and as Kavitha mentioned the amount is important! If you find Camlin's Krafty glue it comes in a handy bottle- shaped with a thin tip on one end and a broad flat surface for spreading on the oter end-- it is great for quilling-- I 've never had to use a toothpick after I found this glue. The glue is not that nice more liquidy compared to fevicol so I end up finishing the Camlin's glue and refilling the bottle with fevicol. I also have a bad habit of letting my glue bottles remain unclosed but it thickens it up a bit and makes it more wonderful for that tiny amount of glue which is super sticky!!

  5. if you have tom holtz reinkers .. den add some fine glitter powder to it .. out it in a sprint bottle .. and voila .. it will work !

  6. I do love this red snazzy bike!! awesome!!
    I have used only fevicol, since everything else I use comes off..double sided tapes, tape runners etc..try the fevicol MR..the ones that the carpenters use..
    I am not a colorer..I have to work very hard to color..I usually use fabriano watercolor paper 200 or 300 gsm depending on where I'm using..
    For home-made glimmer mists...I am trying something..let me see if it works and will let you case you want to try it...a spritz bottle filled with luke warm water (not cold) add mod-podge if you have..or use any decoupage glue..(glue and gloss)..just use like a capful..and add any pearl metallic fevicryl paint again one-two capful..silver if you want silver, copper if you want a copper mist etc..and mix like crazy...and then spray!!! its experimental but should work...Let me know if you try it...

  7. Very cute card!!! Love the hand drawn image... so perfect like a digi... gr8 coloring too!
    Congratulations Sonia and Prisha!
    About the glue.. I use Pidilite Fevicryl fabric glue... I am 200% satisfied with this one.. its comes in very cute tiny bottle with narrow nozzle.. Its thickness is just right.. It dries off within 10 seconds.. so even if you try to remove any embellishment, it will never come off.. It saves my time to a gr8 extent as I don't have to wait for long.. Just use once.. I am sure u will love it..
    For coloring I use Fabriano Brustro.. its a one fab paper with right amount of thickness... again a bit on the expensive side..
    and I have no clue about glimmer mist..

  8. Back to find your email--cant locate it!

  9. Kalindi do drop by this link:

  10. Firstly Kudos to your effort of hand-drawing the fabulous pic, if not mentioned i would have really thought of it as some digi image..Th card has turned out great...
    Yes Fevicol MR the one that carpenters use is the most durable in my opinion...I am not into watercoloring so no tips on that from my side dear


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