Monday, February 06, 2012

And again tis grey..but this time with love ;)

Hola !!
Its pleasant again..we are back on track.. :P
What exactly happened to shift me off track ?? 
In extremely simple manner ...sans the melodrama *My cherished Macbook Pro broke its LCD on its all its 9 months of life* 
I guess it fell in love with me and when you fall in love you tend to do everything the other does.. :)
My Mac decided to mimic my self-destruction mode..
 The morning it happened I was in tears...after visiting the service station ..I was found with my face hidden under the quilt in the absence of sand ( Somehow an Ostrich is way too feeble to be compared with my structure :D ) by a friend.. :P
Yes its back !! *touchwood* 
All because of my Dad's genius... :)
But ..what made it a curious case of my life the range of similar verdicts given by friends and family members when I broke the news to them .. ( Don't include my parents because they are the descendents of a certain planet where everything has a scientific basis...everything can be explained)
* I was taken by an evil eye..I was its target for the past one year or so.. *
Behold still happens in our very Indian ...very educated society !! 
We have a way of keeping our faith, supernatural powers and science together :P
 Its just bad news and tragedies all around..and It has to be put on someone who lurks in some distant corner of my life, gratifying itself and feeding on my pain and sadness ..
Hence started rounds of holy smoke and chilli vapors in my hostel room, infecting me with fits of laughter and sneezes...the fake 'seers' did not spare the MAC either citing its ill health, a case of green eyed peers !!
Its back and it will be adorned with a black kohl dot if I don't save it from the well-wishers :D
Enough of my daily blather ..lets hear it from you as well ..
No Red, No Pink and No <3 *hearts* on your valentine themed creations ..that is our dare !
I found it way too challenging :P check the pic below
The card is hand cut..I drew the scallops and then cut around the pattern ( thats how we all do :P , where was the need to tell you that ?)

( uhh..yes ..I am now the proud owner of 11 Tilda stamps ..Thanks to Lightbox Creative Store :D and thanks to Pooja Parate ..thanks buddy !!)
 The paper behind Tilda's hair is not red or pink ( damn the contrast) its brown..the pic below may be closer to the reality .. ! :S

 She looks like a conniving cupid to me :) ..
Please spare me for the pathetic job at coloring the Tilda.. Tilda experts world over, would be suicidal after seeing the shabby shading but consider me for my amateur attempts..and  for the fact that the paper on which I stamped her and colored her ..had texture..thereby making it difficult for me to blend !! :(    
I used stickles and Itsy Bitsy glitter flowers to embellish the card ..and also some SIMBALION white marker faux stitching ..
I hope you like my first Tilda and the card is hopefully inspiring enough for all you BGC aspirants :D 

Supplies Used
Devil Tilda Stamp - Lightbox Creative Store
Distress Ink ( Vintage Photo), Distress Ink ( Black Soot) - Khyati Kothari & Karuna Respectively
Stickles ( Purple, Diamond) - Khyati Kothari
Staedtler Aquarells - Local Buy
SIMBALION white marker - Local Buy
Flower Embellishments - Itsy Bitsy
Golden Alphas - Local Buy
Papermania Paper strips - Local Buy

We have Aditya's Imaginations store sponsor for the prize :D :D ( I am its Loyal customer)

Have a looksie at the grab bag he is offering for the winner :)

 Why are you still here ?? 
The challenge is on and we expect you to participate in it .. :)
Best of luck and best of times..enjoy

To all my BGC DT members and participants..I hope you understand my inactivity on your blogs and creations..seeing the sob story above..I shall cover it up slowly yet steadily. The same apology goes for my blog friends and fellow crafters..please forgive me for not commenting on your blogs. Somehow commenting from an android didn't seem fit :(
Hope to keep in touch..fingers crossed for my future ahead..

Ciao for now !


  1. Wao!!this is so pretty.. thank god.. you life is back on track... now we will get to see pretty creations of yours..Yay!!

  2. Camera tricks! I was wondering how come you are using red!

  3. oh i like your card so ingenious!!!the tilda is super cute even if she looks coniving ....and congrats on getting 11 of her are one lucky person!!!

  4. :) Oh ur the best my lil devil :) :)
    well its really a good news that ur lappy is back on track :) was missing u around :) :)
    And i adore this card like i said ...... 11 magnolia's :P damn im jealous ...... it was hard to pack em up and ...send them to u :P :P

  5. Hey Kalindi !! thanks for stopping by. It was a very amateur attempt at Mixed Media Art. Lots to learn. Loved the theme at BGC and happy that I could take part... I missed the first challenge due to time constraints...

  6. Pretty lovely creation dear. Tilda looks so cute. Like the handcut scallop shape too.



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