Monday, March 05, 2012

Ahoy Sailors ...ermm...crafters :P

And...I present a delayed inspiration... :(
Anyway I shall go meager on the cribbing ...
Its a CASE study challenge. 
Case what ?? 
Well..Pooja's Card ...its a gorgeous card ..very playful, scenic and flamboyant as ever .

And my interpretation ..well parts of it can be seen below ...

Off you go to BGC 4 :P
Pardon me for the sad picture ..its my mobile came which came to my rescue.
It so happens that with my hostel room keys I also forgot my camera charging cord back home. 
Anyway I leave for home day after ..hopefully! 
Will see you soon ..hope its a well deserved break from all the chaos :S

Bye Ye'all


  1. Looks like yummy card is in the store.. are these handmade flowers???

  2. I loved the card on the challenge blog...Though I intend to participate is taking longer than usual coz firstly side step cards are intimidating and secondly I don't own a single Tilda stamp....But you have inspired me to think out o the box and I shall definitely give it a try.Hope your vacation rejuvenates you and you come back with even more fervour

  3. Pretty creation. Love the flowers too.



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