Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The best and the worst of it all...(CANDY ALERT :D for no good reason)

A week or two and it seems forever..
I have seen it all in the past month...
You see ..Academics is a rather conservative section of the society..however, we may deny our abhorrence for everything that is honest, fair, blindly reviewed and so on, we still remain rather stiff towards the basic principles of honesty and dignity in life. I am definitely against the idea of generalizing my notions but it does take time to wash off your malice.
No, I don't plan on boring you with my departmental politics ..instead I plan to show you my latest ..
a batch of flowers that I made as an experiment and simply because I love bloom and because I have had no time to create anything at all ..
The flowers happen to be by Fiona Jennings and guys should check out her etsy store and also the youtube videos ..her channel is jennings644.
The flowers turned out fair enough, surely not as perfect as Fiona's but fairly well. So I took ordinary paper..cut it into squares, then cut it into flowers following her absolutely hilarious instructions (you would know why ;) once you see the video) 

 The red one's glimmer misted while the yellow one is simply distressed. 

The bling in the centre of each flower is not a single piece, I actually stuck a tad bit many rhinestones in the centre. 
Love the purple one ..Its slightly unusual ..

Do let me know if you want a tutorial on these..I mean my version.
Now ...the important part ..I don't know but did you notice the absolutely outstanding watermark my photos carry ?? What do you have to say about it ?? 
Give me a good answer in the comments and I will select a winner whose response I like the most. Tell me one good thing about my watermark that you associate with it and you shall be able to buy something from Jovi's Creativita Store worth 500/- bucks .. :)
Reason for this candy being sheer satisfaction and happiness at seeing this watermark. 
You-know-who made it ?? :P
Who's jealous ??? :O You can ask her to make one for you too :D 
Long long long time back ...a year ago to be sure,  I had asked her about the function of these watermarks ..and it took a year of bugging and she finally gave in to my wishes of getting a simply elegant and my own customized watermark.  I did not want to see anymore butterflies ..even though I love them on others' creations ..I simply am a paisley fan. Even when I aimlessly doodle on my notes..they are 99% of the time, different versions of paisleys.
So Priya was eventually asked to design one with paisleys and It had to have red somewhere..peek through the enlarged version and you'd know where the red is... :D
To me the watermark is elegance & sophistication personified.. I identify a bit with these traits although the episodes are rather temporary and sporadic :D however, it seems the creator of this unique beauty also embodies these traits ..that is the reason why she could grasp what I meant. 
Do bug her to design some goodness for you. Trust me'll know no greater happiness at this ..because not only is she awesome with the designing but she takes into account tiniest details one has ever mentioned. I hope she takes it up more seriously. :D


  1. absolutely lovely water mark.i love the design of ambia (mango).very traditional , we all love it . its beautiful and inner red flowers are awesome .congrats priya for creating such a wonderful water mark .how to contact priya for this plz tell.

  2. Your Water Mark is very unique Kalindi..especially the paisleys and the trail...look very elegant..Priya did a wonderful job...

  3. oh first i am gonna talk about your flowers can one see your post and not comment on your gorgeous blooms ...they are really so beautiful all three of them are but i especially loved the purple:) and your watermark is as unique as your work... you always have a knack to think so different from other's..i could never have even thought about a paisley for a watermark let alone something as lovely as what priya has created for you..its truly so unique and gorgeous!!

  4. hey congrats for the watermark :D
    and the flowers are lovely lovely and lovely...
    i will wait for the tutorial
    sach batau what i loved the most about your watermark is that hmm..not getting words so forgive me to use hinglish :D

    the first thing i saw when i looked at your watermark was that it reflects your you must be asking how come answer is coming right here...
    the pearls (the tiniest one)..u use in your mujhe pata h u paste them by hand without using any tweezer..and which is very time consuming job for u which requires lots and lots of patience...but above all which give gorgeous look to your cards...i can remember that while seein your watermark's paisleys and its tiny tail...simply remind me that

  5. The flowers are gorgeous and I want a tutorial...Period...Ok done with that .The watermark is brilliant and it captures your essence in the paisley.I think I loved your paisley embellishment card for the wedding theme on the pie lane blog too.I think you aregreat with it coz it is elegant .i am a big paisley fan myself.Somwhow and for some reason i associate you with bengalis and the little red dot in the paisley is like the soul of your entire art work.the main feature hich doesn't come across loud enough in fact it is very subdued and subtle.dunno if I am making any sense really so i better stop here.

  6. The flowers are awesome so tutorial is a must!!!!

    About the watermark all I can say is I am purely jealous.... nothing else...

  7. The grass backgroundays offsets your flowers so beautiful and your title made me smile!
    About your watermark the paisley is unique and somehow very Indian and ethnic [ I am a big one about proclaiming Indian-ness ha ha !!] And I second all what Snehal has said-- she has written it so eloquently I couldnt express it better!!!

  8. Ha and you better post my kiddo's candy-- whenever we get a courier she is after me asking if it is her snowman's prize!!! Sometimes I almost wish her memory was not so sharp!!!
    Jokes apart --take your time. Hugs and Wishes

  9. Wao!!!! the flowers are absolutely gorgeous!!! Tutorial please!!!!
    And wht a grand way to introduce your watermark... it totally reflects u and your personality.. finally I made a perfect one for you after so many hits and trials.. :D
    But I am glad you liked it :D

  10. Hi kalindi..when i started reading your post, I just stopped at the very first pic..not because of flower but beacuse of your amazing watermark..and the later in the post you discussed about it..seen many watermarks around with butterflies..this is something different and so eyecatching..yes paisely is strilikg feature of your watermark but i also loved the dotted line and font...

  11. Girl... ITs high time u give us tutorial on the lovely stunning flowers you make unless you don't want us to know your secret of making them :)..... Just awesome

    Now the watermarks.... They simply suit your style of cards... I have observed you tend to be lil partial towards feminine designs... lots of flowers on your cards, the colors you use .... So the paisleys used in your watermarks goes aptly with your cards... Paisleys and flowers ..... a combination that has been loved by designers for ages.....

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  13. heya!!waiting for tutorial:))ok yr watermark is pure gorgeous, simple, hoch-poch....I have seen many WM with too many elements that it make eyes diffy to understand:(.....hmmm I think it reflects yrs and priya's card making way we crafters have soo many elements in our mind before making a card but choose only those which makes our card unique....same goes for yr WM....nd glad u dint used butterflies....ambia looks nice on anything may it be card,mahendi design,wedding invite,anything.And yr font...keeping aside everything yr font is the best...TGOD u dint choosed shaky fonts dat take a minute to understand.
    I also love crafting process to make my own blog,will see u then:))

    With love megha(Tajinder)

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    Steps Towards Crafting


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