Thursday, March 08, 2012

Bib-lio-phil-ic :D but of course me ! ...

Yes yes ..I took a trolley bag ( 20 Kg capacity) to the World Book Fair :P
It was awe-so-me..

Other than a trolley full of books ..I got a mug from National Book Trust ..that says ..if anything :P I LOVE BOOKS in a really fancy and colorful manner :D
Slowly yet will find my language becoming either Rowling-ish..or Austen-ish and won't I be glad ?
I watched Emma, then Mansfield Park..I mean if you are into those typical epical series..Jane Austen would be the best..she is by far my favorite. It is only because of her that I have realized that latent British connection ..we all have in some or the other way.
By the way ..did you know ..this  is my 51st post ? any Indian ..I too think 51 holds more promise than 50 !! its auspicious..

I just thought of sharing something befitting to my bibliophilic disposition..
Much of the inspiration was taken from Priya and Ujjwal 
They both have showcased some of the best bookmarks I have come across..
Simple, Elegant and Distressed :D
Here goes my attempt at monkeying around :P i mean aping them ...

The purple, olive and red can be treated as bookmarks but for the brown leather look scrap, a tag suits better for a name because the bling on the tag/bookmark might turn out to be lethal for book pages.
Its quite a flamboyant display so to say.. 
But then ..what else guys ? Holi it is ..Happy and Safe Holi to all who know about the festival and don't ! :P 
May this festival of colors, bring with it prosperity and peace :)

Enjoy !


  1. Omg I love books gald you enjoyed and I don't mind rowling or austen effect in your language.It as it is rocks.I love reading your posts.The tags are beautiful...nothing less is expected from you as it is.

  2. WOW!!!These are really pretty!!!

  3. colourful tags..super like..

    I have left something for you in my blog hope you accept it...


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