Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another flower Tutorial and another card ... ;)

Hey All...
 what greets you ?? flowers ..I am so excited to be sharing with you yet another flower tutorial. 
I love it ...I hear my feeble voice on youtube and clap like a child. 
Below is a card I made for a friend. I know the green glitter flourish has bald patches but that has more to do with my glue confused me ...I tried my best to cover the areas and everything was well taken care of but when it dried..the glitter flew away. I should have coated it with thick 3-D glitter bottle instead of pixie dust. 
Do let me know about a lot of videos, my photography and my cards generally. I'd love to improve as much as I can and then I'd like to meddle with more than one talent. 

Honestly though, I have been putting in a lot of effort in creating background textures. It doesn't seem to be working :( and I am very sad. You see what makes me sad is the fact that although I put in my sweat and blood it somehow doesn't stand out and you cannot redo it. Its not a careless art, crafting ! 
I mean can you understand that I misted the background paper with my homemade mist to give it a shabby worn out look and then stamped some really delicate flourishes with copper ink ?? Can you? Aww..crap I couldn't throw it apart.
Wastage on the other hand kills me. But have a look at the card..

Don't enlarge for there are many frailties.
Anyway that apart I do have a video tutorial for the flowers which you would find useful enough. :)
 If you don't have a youtube channel, it's ok since you can always give me your feedback here. Why? Your opinion helps me improve, you all help me in many ways you don't even realize. :) 
So ciao for now 
hope you have a great time.  


  1. Your card is so very stunning. The depth of colour on your purple flowers is incredible. What a treat to watch you work. (I like hand-cut flowers the best too, but I never would have thought of folding such nice thin handmade paper. It's wonderful!) And the birds gave me the giggles. I think they wanted to provide sound effects for your video in a big way, hey? ;-) Thanks for the inspiration!


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