Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Of Winged Creatures and Blooming Buds..

Heyloo People 
How have you been ?
Pretty Long ehh ?
I for that matter ...did manage to survive the aftermath of my two months long slogging.
I'm back on a brief visit it seems as I still have to go miles and miles before I even think of sitting down and resting with my craft supplies. I cleared up the clutter on my study table finally!!
No it never had books, it had jars of prawn pickle, swarm of clips and bands, battered files and folders with papers never seen after being printed and now its squeaky clean and for a change my crafting station has shifted from my bed to the table :D 
I sleep almost all the time ...and I craft on a DAILY BASIS..
I don't know but the person is me yearns to just paint but I am so not a painter..I can draw and I can doodle but then shades and blends are not my cup of tea still. I pray to find my strengths in what I know best and not venture beyond..
and below are my butterflies again made with my Itsy Bitsy flowers :D *glee*
yes I have finally accomplished the task of video recording a tutorial, within a day or two you shall see my youtube channel link :) 
The butterflies below have been inspired from Wild Orchid Flower tutes
Hope you like them...
Want a tutorial :P tell me in the comment section below

Oh and a thing of note ..
I made my own glimmer mist and its nothing like the original glimmer mist. 
Why? Because even though I have put it in a spray bottle it still gives me blotches and stains instead of a uniform coat of shimmer ..
Yes the butterflies have that stained look ..the golden stains ..but I love it for its shabby appearance. 

 I shall announce the winner of my candy in the next post :D 
see you later :)


  1. Your butterflies look so lovely...waiting to see the tutorial:)

  2. lovely butterflies,yaa ofcourse ,i need tutorial .its best part.

  3. The shabby look as you said is awesome!

  4. hey...i have visited itsybitsy online store ....they have nice craft products.....but wondering which flowers u have used to make these tutorial awaited nd d preious one too..
    with love megha (Tajinder)

  5. Awesome.. these are so cute! Waiting for the tutorial.. and I liked your desi glimmer mist... lovely misting effect..

  6. pretty the golden stain

  7. TUTORIALS PLEASE .............. the shimmer butterflies are just awesome... Loved the effect .........

  8. Hey ur butterflies are cute !! how did u do the misting??

  9. Uhhhh mazingggg!!!!!!!
    What a lovely creation ! i love the effect and the way the gold spreads on the butterfly :)


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