Tuesday, May 01, 2012

BGC # 8 .....Its Up now..why are you peeping here ? :P

Its my first layout based creation so I am very bumbled and jumbled about them :D 

This is my first butterfly creation...yes I love em' but I am not that much creative with them ..unlike many of you .. 
So I requested Jovi to send me this MS butterfly stamp set..I just love the set ..tried my hands on it ..
This is the largest of the lacey butterflies ..

See ya ..


  1. This is really pretty!


    PS: we have a DT call at and would be happy to see you particiapte... :)

  2. u work so well with paiselies and did same with the butterfly...very pretty card !!

  3. Hey thr my lil birdie :) :)
    Superrrrbbb creation :)
    Love it to the core !

  4. I loved your card at BGC.The handstitching and haphazard abstract patterns are awesome.Your card has a personality like yours.....It has so much to say in that one beautiful composition but it is taking its own time to unravel...layer after another.Absolutely poetic creation.
    P.S.- i know you are great with words...but what I wrote just now was straight from the heart.


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