Friday, June 22, 2012

The madness that trusts the tameness of a wolf.. :P

Hola ...
Earthly beings :P

How have you been ??
Amazed by the frequency of my posts ?? Don't be !
I am clearing the backlog and I will be gone long enough for you to forget me.. :(
So while u remember me..let me tame you with another card.
This was made for a friend who wanted a card made on specific instructions for his girlfriend. 
"Make me a card that a guy gives a girl on her birthday just before he elopes with her :P "
But Guys just don't get they ??
He says it is not romantic enough ..the problem being ..I don't own a 'couple' stamp other than the Tilda wedding stamp which would be meaningless as of I flooded the insides with hearts, chose the colour red and told him that to make it ought to pour your heart in the blank spaces I have provided you with..girls like that ..instead of the tailor made greetings..
What do you have to say to my diplomatic suggestion??
You like personalized  greetings or pre-stamped ones ??
I like the former ..shows the thoughtfulness.. :)

Yes Yes...I have been boring you with the wire and crystal bead twine but I promise I won't be putting them on anything for a long long time. 

How far do you think have I learned the art of "Tilda Shading"??
Weird combination I chose right ? Pink and Tomato red..
Who does that ? 
The big red flower is altered itsy bitsy flower. 
I masked the tilda and used scattered straw distress ink to colour the diecut yellow. 

And I guess I finally get to be a part of some challenge :)
 at Lulupu.. yaaay !
They have a stamping challenge going on on their lounge .. how sexy is that ? A lounge as synonym ..for a blog
looking forward to your comments and feedback



  1. Gorgeous one...yet again from you.You are outdoing yourself and its great to see you grow leaps and bounds with every creativity.Love the colouring and the twisted crystal and wire thingie.

  2. Wow its so pretty. Love the bright colors too.


  3. Amazing... this is is sooo pretty!

  4. love your bright colours and photography skill

  5. This is fabulous! i really liked the twisted wires as it adds dimension. Pretty stamping and great colouring together!

    Thanks for joining the Lulupu Monthly challenge. Just a request. To be eligible, please link back to our challenge post :)


  6. beautiful card kalindi ...i love the way you have colored the tilda and those stamped butterflies in the background!!! you add such lovely details to all your work...its a pleasure going through your blog :)

  7. hey !saw your presence on my blog !you are most welcome to my craftroom !!just lemme konw the day n time :)
    and yes your card is pretty too !!

  8. Yr wire and crystal bead twine is the best part of this card:)
    loved yr card :)

  9. what a beautiful card it ishe kalindi...completely the twisted wire around the flower !!

  10. Dazzling & beautiful!

    Ash.. :)


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