Sunday, June 17, 2012

Of Luminous Sand, Blissful Beaches and Brilliant Sun!

Thats the latest Beyond Grey Challenge for you fellas.. 
The Humble eleventh a row of challenges. 
Move on need to hop over to the challenge blog..awesome goodies await you. 
Besides..Who doesn't want to enjoy other DT creations? I love looking at them. 
Honestly though..the theme this time was intimidating. 
But..what's life without a little risk ??
Poo said beaches and sand and I began to ponder upon my veiled obsession of fantasy .. 
Mermaids, it had to be !!

 What about the waves though ?? 
I embossed the paper with sizzix embossing folder..I guess its called dots & flourish. 
Then what ? I had to cut it along the twisted flourishes. Ahh...what a pain !!! Priya did the same with one of her cards and I was truly inspired. Oh and do look at the brown crab without any moral restraint smiles at my tomfoolery ..! 
I gave my heart to it the moment it was done :)

Did I think it was getting any easier after the painful yet menial cutting..God no!
I decided to draw the dainty mermaid..I saw her on Google images courtesy 2 cute rubber stamps...
Urgh..however cute she may be ...she really challenged me with her fine lines and delicate curves.
Damn the paper texture!! It just wouldn't let me blend. It just wouldn't let me outline !!
 You see..I need to buy my own order to cut my choice of paper as and when I wish.. :S
I used sakura glaze in black to outline the image since it allows me to stay within the boundaries. 
I used my staedtler aquarells to limit..let me just say it was complete disregard for those pencils just to blend well enough and make the mermaid not look like she is wearing a net all around..phew.

And if I hadn't surprised my own maniacal self with my very own lethargic adroitness..I thought of picking every single tiny sequin and sticking it just like scales on a fish, one by one !!
I really despise my half-baked some point.
 But it seems she turned out simply it was worth the pain. 
Finally a dash of stickles and a handful of ink pouncing for the waves in the background..some really incoherent masking business ! It looks a disaster to me :P
Even the sea horses look like a pair of gluttons ! :D *giggles*

I am not complaining ! I like the attempt...what say you ??
Paper (Sand colored and shades of blue )- Local brand..lotus I guess :P
Colors and pens - Sakura Glaze Black, Adgel black for finer lines & Staedtler Aquarells
Sizzix embossing folder - dots and flourish
Lacey Circles by spellbinders - creativita store 
Ribbon - Jovita's RAK
Diamond & Distress green Stickles
Magenta sequins from stash
Distress Inks- Denim, Tea Stain

Humphf..hope you enjoy this variance in my creative streak ! :)
Do let me know..
your comments make me two inch wider
Do take part in the challenge too.. :)


  1. This is just fantastic.. your cards really shows how much hardwork you put in.. So much of details.. Lovely wave effects... Thanks for mentioning about my card :D..
    And hats off to you to come up with such a grand idea of doing fish scales with sequins.. Awesome creations.. Standing ovation to you.. !!!

  2. Awesome card, really like it... love the cute image and the waves too!

  3. I loved this card at the BGC blog too and had the audacity to mention it.Infact I was waiting for this post.This is sheer awesomeness.I wanted tips on the way you coloured the die cut.It is brilliant.Love the embossing and fussy cutting too.I think this is one of my favorite creations on your blog.It is simply stunning.You have put in so much hardwork and it has really paid off.It is absolutely gorgeous and jaw dropping stuff.Well done my friend.

  4. This is gorgeous.. I love the waves, the sequins for the scales... the coloring.. fantastic stuff kalindi!

  5. i love this one! the waves are super pretty! the whole card is really cute and gives a happy feeling. Very cute mermaid and crab :)

  6. Beautifully executed.... :D Love the serene waves....

    Ash... :)


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