Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rousing from deep slumber !

Shalom ;)
Uhh..Yeah ..I know everything about catnapping!
I can sleep while I stand in the metro ..that is a feat my dear people..something only researchers have been known to achieve. 
The other day my best bud wished her parents, their wedding anniversary for the second within a gap of two months, again!!! (Her father is convinced of her research progress) :D
What did I manage? Well within a week I have literally pulverized my fingers twice in an attempt to stop the same ruddy bathroom door...yeah OUCH !!
On a very serious note ..I have loads of work and I know not where to start ! :(
Urgh..there is some incongruity in my daily laments and the space I choose to bemoan..
Focus ..this is my craft blog. 
What do I have today ? 
A picture heavy post..too heavy.
Lets shoot ..
This was made for an awesome friend..someone I know will understand creativity. 
She is one of the few people I know who remains patient when I am at my inane best. 
"Don't judge the book by its cover"
Here I'd surprise myself by saying "Don't judge the mini by its box" :D

Though ...come on ..the box has its cute elements. The lid for example has a cute edge, the bow is adorable but the Unity stamp I won as candy from Ujjwal has been completely ruined with glitter just to irk the friend. 
But I love the quote "let your heart take flight"..Its just that she hates glitter so we had to do it. :P

Aww..whats peeping through ??
A jumble of fringes and few good flowers :)

Yeah..we decided to gift her a tiny scrapbook to cherish on her birthday. 
I don't know whether it is a mini by conventional crafting standards..but its too small for my comfort. 
5 Inches by 4.5 Inches !

Most of the flowers are mulberry roses..bought from different people but the pink one is handmade. 
The twine with crystal beads is handmade too..and I am in love with the way it turned out :) ..
The beads were on a bracelet I never wore but I kept it for its beads.

She is obsessed with animals..our walking PETA activist as we know her. We respect her emotions to the extent that we seek her permission before clapping a mosquito to death. :D
 No seriously she has adopted three stray dogs and she loves each one to bits. So the "little princess holding the cat" is purrrrfect for her.

The scrapbook was made keeping her in mind..hence you would see absolutely no glitter. Lots of rhinestones, laces, stilettos, booze and distressed tags. ;)
I glimmer misted the lace and made it into a pocket and it looks very "moulin rouge" to me ..
We still haven't had the time to write on those tags.

I love the sandal :) ..the tags have been distressed and I stuck rhinestones wherever I could. The tags have been distressed at the back as well. If you may, please notice the lacey stamp in white at the bottom of each tag.

This is on page 4 I reckon..
A wallet that holds space for her to put pics ( we gave her the pics in a very DIY fashion by the way)!

Some random stamping here and there and a cutie patootie pocket that holds three tiny tags ..again stamped and distressed on both the sides. 

So I went about adding something in every alternate page. This one houses the tiniest version of waterfall card and my first ever waterfall card :P..

I used sakura glaze to color the butterflies. The sentiment is handwritten.

The waterfall card opens to show a tiny die cut that could be used to journal or affix a picture.

There are two pages in between, both dedicated to journalling. So I don't think they are necessary here. The above page is the last page..with some really nice metallic butterflies and good enough flourish sprays. 

The back cover is rather plain but I guess it should not have been ornate anyway. 

Why am I showing you a view from top ?
Obviously I want you to see how it was bound. :)
I saw this awesome tutorial on youtube by a wonderful and creative lady, Claire. 
Here's a link
I love the way it turned out. Hope you like it too. 

and last but in no way the least ..let me share a fun picture. :)
Delhi is HOT !! Sweltering to say the least ...
The pic below is from the university..Department of Zoology..our neighbors. 
While returning from my Department (i.e. Anthropology)..I found this Zoology dog ( coz' he lives there with his equally cute wife) sitting in a tub.. Zoology, entomology researchers culture fish and mosquitoes and various other insects in these tubs. 
At this particular moment the researcher who temporarily owns the tub in question, would have committed suicide.
But our poor guy felt so hot that he decided to jump in one of the tubs..damn the experiments !!! I am feeling hot here ... :P :D


  1. YOur pink handmade flower is the best! Ha Ha cute pic of the doggy!

  2. Gorgeous Album and all the details are just jaw dropping!! i love the way you have created this entire album...if ever i am brave enough to tackle something like this i want it to look as beautiful as your's !!...i hope !!

  3. superb! love each and every part of the little box :) u r getting amazing-er!

  4. Amazing album... love it to bits... love the simplicity of the album :)

  5. i don't know what to pick and what to leave.This is classy,gorgeous and jaw dropping.Love the details and love every single page.But the handmade flower is just too awesome.I m sure your friend loved the gift.who wouldn't when made straight from heart.well done.

  6. Brilliant execution!

    Ash.. :)


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