Friday, August 31, 2012

Embellishment Madness Series: Box pleat trim

Isn't a trim an embellishment ?? I mean why not ??
Anything that adorns and adds beauty is an embellishment. 
So I offer a box pleat trim with rhinestone border. It looks gorgeous in reality.
Slightly more lilac. 

It completely handmade and trust me it pained my ass. 
Patience is a virtue I didn't acquire so I am surprised at myself for having made this. 

Then I also have no clue about its usage with my kind of creations. 
What would you suggest?

Do let me know your views. I am packing up again but I have a cute baby album to share. I may do a video instead of post its pictures. Lets see!

P.S. Lulupu allows only two entried per person :(
Oh hell. 

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  1. Wow are on a roll...and this one looks pretty too.can't wait to see your album.Please show pictures.I am partial towards pictures and picture tutes.Videos are not my thing.Sorry for sounding ike a petulant child though.


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