Friday, August 31, 2012

Embellishment Madness series : Charms

Its like being on the roll...oh damn yeah ..I have been creating rather passionately. No, I didn’t make a card, instead I focused on making my personal embellishments. I gave in to the challenge based creations finally !!
I must confess it feels lot lighter than before, he he. Lulupu is to be given due credit for the same.
I have taken the word embellishment literally and created whatever I could with the supplies I have.
Since I like the results I shall upload the tutorial as and when I have time. My cybershot lens has been playing games with me and its so cloudy in Delhi. Anyway since I have two more posts on “make your own embellishments” I shall keep it short and crisp. 

What do you see??
 It’s a charm people .... :D
I have been hunting down etsy stores for super cute charms but since I dnt have a credit card I decided upon my indigenous talent :P.

Oh that's the crystal bead set from an old bracelet. 
So there was some thick cardstock at hand, on which ribbon was wrapped, I unwrapped the ribbon and cut out the cardstock.. Oh yes !!! I now own tattered florals die if you may recognize. So it’s a distressing process gone astray but its ok, if I don’t tell you, it wouldn’t be possible for you to realize what went wrong

Coated it with clear embossing powder, God knows million layers. Finally it was thick and looked like enameled jewelry. 

I can see myself using them, on mini scrapbooks, cards, earring, keychain and what not.
What say you ??

Challenge entered

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  1. I say fantastic as usual.Loved it thanks for playing along at Lulupu monthly challenge once again.


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