Friday, August 31, 2012

Embellishment Madness Series: Floral Spray

For the second post, I have  a floral spray which I totally croon over. This is again my first attempt but I want to use it on so many things. Hell!!! Why am I a researcher? :o
I am not a sucker for plastic faux crystal beads or sequins. You would never find them on my creations. Its strange but I don’t find them elegant or sophisticated enough . They screech neon in more ways than I am comfortable to accept. So, it’s a first on my part.

Its sort of a recycled project, the wire was wrapped around a bangle and the magenta sequins were lying idle in my cupboard.
(If I COULD will be for this picture above...I love it...its so me. The colour, the composition...urgh..I so LOVE it and I took it comical is that?? :>)

Two floral sequin were joined to make one flower and then tied with a bead and wire. The yellow seed beads were stuck on the wire with glossy accent. I love love love the bottle so much.

Anyway ...tell me about it ...
Its simple but I have so many things where these could be used. My roomie wants it as a hairclip or something. She even suggested that it should be used on a childish tiara. I know..its juvenile ehh..besides I can’t bear its destruction in the  hands of a toddler. :S

Do you think it’s a proper embellishment?
Where would you use it ??


  1. Its so beautiful and such a coincidence I made beaded embellies too!Here is the link:

  2. Wow!! It is sooo beautiful...If I were u , I would have stuck it on my dressing mirror or just on my room door......or even a hand made book or journal or a file...... I can just go on and on.... I love the simplicity and the elegance....

  3. You can use it hair accessories.. its so beautiful.. or else embellish your handmade boxes with these..
    PS: I finally managed to visit joann store.. but just for 10 mins.. :D

  4. Wao ! This is so beautiful Kalindi...You have taken these simple beads and a wire and created such a gorgeous embellishment....It looks so stylish.. You could add it to any Craft project and it would look fabulous :)

  5. Wow ! Its gorgeous !loved the colors

  6. What a fab creation! Congrats on making it to the top 3!

  7. ah nice !!!!! love the flowers !!! sparkle sparkle !!! where are u !!!! are u back !! cant wait to see u !

  8. Lovely flowers!
    Your blog is beautiful!

    Following you now! :)

    Visit mine sometime!


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