Saturday, August 25, 2012

Well..hello there..

I was being too brave in not taking a break from my three-four months long fieldwork but here I am, I just couldn't bear going to the next state without returning to Delhi and sleeping off the fatigue of South!
Whats new?
1. I shall be posting a card today for lulupu challenge..for a handmade embellishment in the post later. (check their challenge - 5 more days so hurry
2. I got some stuff from Itsy Bitsy :D :D ..did you check their super-affordable embossing folders and dies ?? they are simply gorg..just for 199/- & 599/- you guys ! (
3. Itsy Bitsy gave some crafters PCC (Professional Crafters' Club) cards. Ehh..I know what you are and and professional..but I craft :( and I buy from Itsy Bitsy a LOT. Some cuteness that card is..and the envelope is divine :P
Anyway I won't bore u ... 

Let me just so you the flower and the card with which I am not very happy still.
Can I just brag about the flower and not show you the card ? I think that would qualify :P but anyway ..

Oh how I wished to have dusty attic chipboard delicacies but I am sorted :) I have Itsy Bitsy for the chipboards..see the base ..its so ornamental don't you think? I wish they add some more loads of ornate articles. 
About the flower..I don't know what to looks divine in reality if you would look at it and I guess this is the first time I am happy about my creation. 

 I designed it on scraps and then traced it on some awesome handmade paper I didn't know I had and then cut it and then what not ..!
Distress mechanically and also with ink then glimmer misted. 
Do let me know if you would like a tute on it, I will try to manage two flower tutes this week itself before I leave again. 
Below is the card :S that is trying its best to look ombre..
Still I hope you admire the fact that I did show you something I don't quite like .. extremely unlike me I tell you!

Other than that I have to thank you ..for considering me and visiting my blog in my absence. I totally adore you guys :) I mean completely humbled and grateful. 
Your remarks, feedback and love are always welcome :)
see you soon with some fun stuff to keep you interested and to keep me inspired!


  1. Kalindi, this TOOK MY BREATH AWAY! You've knocked my socks off! Those brown tinges on the tips are so darned perfect, heck, these could pass for real leaves! Much against my wish (rather, lack of time for a card project), I am inspired to participate in Lulupu challenge!

  2. There's no doubt your flower is just Gorgeous!! the way you have distressed and misted it its a Wow!!!! and i think your card looks are too hard on yourself:)would ofcourse love a tute on it..that is if time pertains !!

  3. kalinidi ...
    the best thing about your blog is .. that you don't reveal the full card in the first picture ... so it creates an excitement .. a person keeps on scrolling all the way up from beautiful flower to the card .. which is thrilling ;)
    lovely work

  4. Yr card is just wow:)
    very pretty :)

  5. So happy to see you and what a come back!!!you just knocked my socks off by this gorgeous creation.What an awesome bloom! Waiting for the tute eagerly.Ohhh and another thing you are too hard on yourself.How can you not like this flawless creation?I loved it.

  6. Stunning card Kalindi..flower is just mindblowing..the way yu have used leaves is just amazing. Would like to see back with more posts !!

  7. beautiful leaves,beautiful flower,beautiful it


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