Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another store 'round the block.....with a payment gateway !!!!!!

You can use your credit and debit cards, internet bank accounts etc..on Craft Adda
For a couch potato like me ..its a HUGE delight. 
If you wish to shop at Craft Adda you need to follow these simple steps...

Scream with delight
Select your latest obsession/s and add them to the cart above
Squeal with excitement, scare the neighbors...
Pay !!!!
Spend 2-3 sleepless nights waiting for the order. 
Thats about it.. :D

Its a brain child of Khyati Kothari and gang :P and what am I doing there ?? 
Being a witty tag along ... :D 
Khyati and I would remain the R & D people of the gang since it seems rest are handling the logistics. 
Craft Adda is a one stop shop ...with amazing variety of craft supplies and it does not stop here has art supplies too for professional artists, graphic designers. Woah...
It has copics too ...!!!
There's even a shopping cart ... ;) 
You just need to register here, make an account and you are good to shop. 
What else...? 
You earn credits and there are discount fun is that ??
Here is a store that is being updated almost every week with loads of quality stuff but there is also a blog
It is NOT a challenge blog but there is a vision behind the blog.
I would call it a wild trip in my personal journey ....
I am a laid back crafter...seriously but such initiatives drive me out of my cradle.
 When NatGeo mentioned animals that spend the entire summer accumulating fat layers and enter a state of inactivity and metabolic depression with winters, they were talking about me..! :|
The blog is a process to find our muse learn, to explore, to create and sometimes to inspire and get inspired..
Do join us as we embark on this crafty artsy voyage..we would love as many globe trotters with us.. trust me would enjoy. ;)

P.S. If you have queries..hop over to the FAQs and if its still confusing (I doubt it) you can drop in a mail. 
Also you are most welcome to like us on facebook !


  1. Congrats on your new venture with khyati I have seen Craft Adda on Fb but had no idea you too were part of it...its a cool store and i loved browsing through all the crafty items minus the screaming of course ..psst.. my hubby would really be annoyed if i wake up my neighbours!!!:):)...but seroiusly its a crafters delight:)...looking forward to the new blog too !!

  2. Thanks for the info ...I always like to know the "face behind a shop" Didnt even know its was Khyati's.

  3. Didn't knew about this store before..thanks a lot Kalindi for sharing this info.

  4. Congrats for your new venture Kalindi .

  5. OMG amazing post girl.. you are damn good with words.. Wish I had that talent ;).. Couldn't have put it in better words.. And yes I am too excited about the blog :)


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