Friday, November 09, 2012

Measuring that distance... :S

Hola !! 
Long long time guys :)
How have you been ??
Oh you don't know me ? :( too bad..
I was gone for three months or so...I hope to be back as soon as possible. Still have Diwali at home and my hands are itching to create something. Lets see if my spirits are high before the festivities start.

After all the traveling I seem to be in perpetual lethargy almost every hour of the day.
But that does not stop me from dreaming about craft supplies and shopping for them.
That reminds me of my disappointment with life ...that part which I call crafting. I mean for the past two days my father has been absorbed in Obama's campaign and poll results as if its India we are talking about and for the past few weeks I have been a daily guest to Joann and Simon Says online store waiting for sales and feasting my eyes on some of the things I'd like to own but I do not have relatives there and with this US seems far off. Disheartening sometimes!

I wanted to share with you an album I had made for the cutest and most angelic baby ever. I wish you could see Kanha for real with his grey eyes and cute puckered up lips. He is my friend's cousin's nephew.
[WARNING: Picture heavy post]

Lot of my supplies were bought from Itsy Bitsy. Let me just take you through the album tour one by one.
I used We are memory keepers Double sided PP on the cover. What a waste for the other side !!
Rubons I had got from Ujjwal as candy were used to write the name.
Ribbon from the stash to add to the frame. Flowers are tattered florals die and glimmer misting at its worst. 

I learnt a few lessons while making it. 
1. Never go crazy with the hinges, put on your guard else the album would turn into a waterfall card. :D Hilarious but true...mine did.

2. Always measure the is not your age to be so crass with things you create. If you do not take measurements seriously you may end up with a gigantor spine!!!

I do love the cover for its simplicity and elegance. I used the pie lane gems and locally bought rhinestones for making the swirls. Oh! that chipboard frame you see is from Portacraft (never heard of it) bought from Itsy bitsy. I took my simbalion markers, colored it red and used the white marker to make the polka dots and then glossy accented it. How cool matches the spine. 

Of all the flowers I have made in the past this lot is my worst lot. I am telling you I am rusting... I need to oil and grease the squeaky parts. 

3. Never use mod podge on flowers inside the album. It will stick to the pages inside and also it would soften the paper so much that they would get squished between the pages.. That small onesie you see at the corner of the page to your right is again portacraft chippie which I mod podged with a fancy paper and it looks cute. Also added small rhinestones for buttons. 

Some Itsy Bitsy border stickers and some locally bought accent stickers were used to embellish the pages. I wanted to keep it simple since its my first album and also because the people who ordered it are hardly into journaling. The PP for pages is from papermania.

Do you see that peak on the hinge?? 
Thats 2'' of extra breathing space I gave to the pages than required and hence it was more than faulty.. :( 
Aah..there are some baby themed BLACK kaisercraft rub-ons on this page. Notice my exasperation over BLACK baby themed ....blah.

These small sentiment chipboards that you see are from Itsy Bitsy too...porta or no porta, I am not sure. You also get to see the beaten bruised flower despite all the over-breathing space. 

I love the cute baby pram here and the crib below. The teddy is from Itsy Bitsy ..felt stickers from china may be but awesome adhesion. Also notice the glossy flowers, they are from DCWV. This is the last page of the album. 

Oh and the album is 7'' by 7'' which is tons of space to stuff as many pics as possible. 
Hope you have loads to say as I see a lot of scope for improvement. 
In anticipation .... ;)


  1. Its a beautiful album kalinidi...Loved your flower's despite what you have to say about them and all the lovely details you have added here!! but I have to say I totally love your album cover its Gorgeous!!

  2. Hi Kalindi! I love your album... And the flowers are so beautiful..i think you are just trying to be very modest here! :)

    Btw I started following your blog when you were on a break from crafting... Glad to see you back and thanks to Hussena, its because of her i visited your blog.. I just love all your handmade flowers..they are really VERY beautiful :)

    Best wishes

  3. WOW Back with a bang is the apt description for this...really missed your chatter and the awesome flowers but dont know why you dont like them...I find them absolutely glamorous!

  4. very beautiful creation kalindi,love all pages of are very beautiful.

  5. Wow ! The album starts impressing from its cover itself !Loved the cover most ! Flowers are very nice .Liked all the detailing on pages also !

  6. kya baat hai.. itni aachi album and you are not saisfied.. why?? Cheer up lady.. I loved the flowers.. and the way you matched center chipboard on the coverpage with spine is just amazing.. total fab idea..

  7. and I have tagged you! check my blog.. :D

  8. So nice to have you back.And what a beautiful album.With loads of detailing and thought gone into it.

  9. Its pretty sweet. I like the tiny tiny detailing n the papers too.



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