Thursday, December 20, 2012

I got a pocket ...a pocketful of sunshine ..

Hey You guys...
Did you hear what happened in Delhi ??
Few men have seized to be human it seems animals would fare way better.
We live in a civilised world and that world is made of savages..
Every single hour that has passed since that day I have prayed for the girl's safe recovery and I wish she lives to tell the tale and to seek justice.
Oh yeah its a craft blog but I simply cannot refrain from sharing with you my sadness.
What hurts me more is the way few seemingly intellectual women have painted a picture of pathos for the family, that this marks the demise of her parents in the society. I mean seriously ?
Give me a break ...women (if you think that the family would be tarnished forever).

So this post is dedicated to her..and what a coincidence that my tag is quite female in its origin. :P
Its an inspiration for the BGC 23 (New Year +Tag). This challenge marks the end of this years challenges so do participate. Its been some year !! phew...
You have a chance to win some awesome stuff from Crafters Corner. Hurrry ...

Also keep your eyes open since we will want new DTs for the coming year so watch it you guys.. !
Over to the tag now...
Its a corset on the dress form and let me not go into the details of how a traditional corset would be synonymous to feminine subjugation :D (Trust me I won't bore you..) but my corset is all about freedom..he he.

So I had the scor-pal packaging lying under my mattress since forever, I sketched a dress-form template and cut the thick paper backing from the packaging. Painted it in black acrylic with a dry old brush to give streaks..then scratched it a bit to give a worn out look. 
Oh those beads are super them from Lucknow ..!

The corset was then pasted on to the dress form. Let me tell dress form is pretty proud of its curves. ;)
A while back I had bought a nail cutter and a nail file set and it was only after months of its purchase that I realised the set was meant for infant nails but then my friends said the teddy bears on the nail cutter and the size suit my super short nails. But I use the nail file to distress the paper edges and I feel its pretty precise ... 
The flowers are handmade too ..although I have been suffering from a mental block terms of my flower making abilities :( 

As usual the rhinestone flourish is made by me. I also pushed a small piece of  lace to make it look 'lacey'... I know dumb ..
Oh but I adore the lavender pendent .. 

Anyway I hope I didn't scare you with my rage and feminist outlook ;)
And that you would still keep visiting my blog and that you would still visit BGC :D 
That you would still pour in your entries..
See you ... soon !!


  1. very feminine Kalindi.. :D love the curves of your pretty dress,lavender pendent and love the idea of nail file to distress the edges.. :)

  2. Your corset tag is awesome Kalindi! Love all the elements in the tag...i loved lace the most! :)And i am touched by your gesture of dedicating it to the girl..
    May God bless her and save her...
    Also thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving some wonderful comments! :)

  3. About The Delhi case Kalindi ..I think its shaken up the whole nation this time ...the brutality that these men have displayed is beyond comprehension....I hope the Indian Judicial system for once is able to do proper prayers are for the girl and her family...hope they survive this awful trauma.
    On the other hand i want to add that i absolutely love your tag ...its breathtakingly beautiful!! your color combination and embellishing is simply Wow!!!love the way the lace is peeking from the corset:)

  4. This is such a stunning beauty love each tiny detail about it!!
    Khalindi in some families [highly educated ones!!]love marriage is looked upon as disgrace to the family!!
    Dr Sonia

  5. Corset tag is awesome and loved every small elements added to it...especially the lace, curvey natured dress...
    And Delhi case...still culdnt come out of it...shooked me to that level...Prayers for the family and the girl...

  6. I have been sad since this sunday for the poor girl and really shocked at that savage behaviour by those rapists.I believe they should be bobbited.they shouldn't be hanged.Hanging them is too mild a punishment for their heinous crime.I hope she recovers...though chances (sadly) are slim.I loved your tag the moment I saw it at BGC.And completely is stunning.Well done.

  7. Very feminine and glamorous tag !
    I too can't stop thinking about the girl .May god give strength to her and family.

  8. I am following the news here... the ordeal she narrated was horrific... may god give justice to her and strength to recover...
    This tag is really pretty... Such perfect curves and so many details.. you have designed the dress so well for her...

  9. Really awesome tag, loved the way u have used dark colours for feminine tag. In Awe :)

  10. This is such a gorgeous creation Kalindi. The dress looks perfect! And oh do agree with you about women actually going out and admonishing the girl for "being out so late"! Gimme a break, if God meant women to stay indoors after dark, he'd have invented female paralysis for after dark! Duh!

  11. Humanity in their heart died .Every were Screams , Alouds , Noises .....shouting and waiting for justice to her. May god give her strengh to live and fight for justice,and our prayers for her,every second in heart.Coming on to your craft , a too lovely tag .my heart saying ,i should try to make one .same as you it.

  12. Marvelous creation Kalindi. It's a beautiful idea although the inspiration is so sad. I came across this post today, after that poor girl is no more. It is devastating and so horrific. Spreading the word, sharing our indignation and refusing to accept such occurrences will prevent it from happening again at least in some small way.
    Crafting Till The Crack of Dawn


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