Sunday, January 13, 2013

Its that time of the year when I have an awesome candy :D :D :D !! ye ye..

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So guys ..
Today ..MY BLOG completes THREE Happy eventful years !! Hurray...and Happy Birthday my solace.. :) my dear dear place of sanity as well as insanity. 
I know the number of posts do not account for the long years but what can I say ?? 
I am a student busy without work but I am trying my best to gear it all up. 
Anyway for the candy rules.. its pretty cool actually. With every point you gain an entry. 

1. Put the pic below in your sidebar and link it back here .. 
2. Become a follower if you are not already one .. 
3. If you can post about it then leave the link in the comments section..
4. Tell me what would you like to see on my blog in the coming days.. as in how can I make it better?

All you have to do is follow the above four points and you gain four entries :D to win the candy. 
As for the candy ..
Last year I realised how big a pain it was to have a giveaway in kind. I sort of made my winner lose her patience with the delay. So this year I decided on a simpler method although I am uncertain about few things so why not give you options... :)

I have a giveaway for you worth 1500/- :D :D or may be 30$/ 20£ :D :D :D 
Now you have to decide where you wish to invest it. My favourite picks are :)

 Anyway think carefully and decide. You have a lot of time to decide upon the store. January 13th to be precise. January 14th I shall declare the winner :) and then all you have to do is drop me an email with your address and your choice of store and your list of items you wish to order and I shall order it for you.

PS: I am not responsible for the shipping. You need to contact the store for that. 



  1. Hi Kalinidi,
    A very happy 3rd blogoversary & wishing you many more years of craftiness ahead! :)...You know I love your work & its a real pleasure visiting your blog everytime ,just to see what new you come up with....Love your ideas & design sensabilities very much!..And I know you have done a couple of flower tutorials earlier but still I would love seeing more of them & also you have to let us on about the secret of how you create your background using Distress Inks..They are gorgeous :D :)

    A follower already & sharing about your giveaway in My sidebar...All the best for your blogoversary celebrations :):)

    Wishing you a very "Merry Christmas" & a great Year ahead! :)

    If at all I am lucky enough to win ...I would like to go with Jo-anns! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to you.... Happy Birthday to youu... Happy Birthday Crafting Aberrigines!... Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! (it's been ages I sang that song :D )
    Congratulations Kalindi... 3 years must have been an amazing journey for you and your blog.. and it's always fun time hopping to your blog and reading your post.. your work is simply awesome...
    I second Hussena... I would love to see more n more flower tutorials from you.. Those breathtaking handmade flowers were so b'ful... and I am glad I found a friend in you.. god bless our blogging, crafting and now friendship.. :) Feels like keep gossiping all the time and keep pinging links of our crafty findings :D
    Sorry.. Senti ho gyi..
    and I would go for Simon Say Stamps... Thank you so much for such a unique candy... Posting the picy right away...

    Priya ...

  3. Hi Kalinidi, Congrats for completing three wonderful years of blogging !I am a recent follower so cannot demand much but tutorials !!I admire your work and enjoy reading your posts too.So keep writing and crafting .Thanks for the giveaway ! Adding it to my sidebar.Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year ! !

  4. WOHOO CONGRATS~CONGRATS :))3 years is a long time:))
    Yr designs r very unique:)Anything u create is just awesome so its difficult for me to tell what i want to see....yr creations r beyond my imaginations :D what so ever i get to see on yr blog is delight to my eyes :)
    wish u all the best for future :)
    Already yr follower,posted pic on side bar,posted abt yr candy

  5. WOW kalindi ...completed 3 years of creativity .We all know crafting is enjoyable ,every stress,tension and complication moves away ,as soon we start crafting.Your work is very good ,love your work.your flowers are always very beautiful.your photography is awesome.would love to see more n more flowers from you ,as i too love making flowers too much.merry christmas and happy new year.your candy pic is shining on my blog side bar.thanks for chance to get some craft gooodies.I f i win by luck ,would love to go for JO-ANN

  6. Am ur recent follower and love ur handmade flowers and skills on designs. and ofcourse enjoy reading ur posts :)Have added about this giveaway in my blog sidebar and if i won , would love to get from joanns :)

  7. Hi Kalindi I am a recent follower..thanks for your wonderful visit my blog for my giveawat too

  8. Conratulations on your blogs 3rd anniversary.
    I am a new blogger and was delighted to see so many lovely creations here in the blogsphere..!!! Thanks -

  9. Hi Kalindi,
    I m a recent follower and have shared your giveaway in my sidebar .You make beautiful cards woud love to learn more about cardmaking.. If given a chance to win I would go for craft Adda....

  10. congrats kalindi :)
    i posted about it on sidebar n as u knw i am long time follower :)
    your cards...are always amazing :)
    would love to see some good tutes :)

  11. I am a huge fan and follower for a long time now.I love the elegant and kewl stuff you come up with your every single post and would love to see tutorials of your gorgeous blooms.Also if possible would love to see a tute on your flip flops with measurements and all.If I am lucky enough to win I would like to go for Craft Adda.

  12. And Oh so sorry forgot to wish you for the same.Congrats on your new milestone and wish you many more.Have a crafty year ahead.

  13. Kalindi, I am here to Congratulate you on completing your 3 years blogging! I am a fan of your work and even love just watching wat new you come up with!! Amazing stuff and creativity!! And unmatching color sense and beautiful pics of your work! And yes your blooms!! Way to go girl!!!

  14. Congrats Kalindi..hee hee ...sorry I bugged you last time....I had made the mistake of informing my little one about her win and every so often she would ask for it!! And I know how difficult it is to have a giveaway ...I had one on my blog and my winner was in the was crazy filling forms 7 times and going through all kinds of formalities to post the prize!! After that I have shied away from hosting giveaways!!
    Your idea is good.
    About your blog...I love your projects ...just keep posting more do disappear so often[ like me when life gets busy!!]

  15. Congrats Kalindi.. I am a new follower to your blog and I hope to see everything you create to be inspired from. :)

    I have made a blog post and also posted the candy on my sidebar.

    Thank you for a chance.

  16. Hii Kalindi..Wish you a very happy and great crafting year..I remember your last year's blogoversary and that time i just started blogging..About your cards, i love the way you do distressing and your amazing handmade flowers..they are simply awesome !! Keep up the good work and many thanks for a chance to win !!

  17. Hi Kalindi! Congratulations... :) Wish you many more years of happy blogging...
    I'm already a follower and I love your work to bits...!
    I'd like you to create more of those super gorgeous flowers... I love them so much! :)

  18. Hi Kalindi, I'm ur new follower n feeling happy in participating ur blog hop.. Waiting for ur inspirational & lovely projects in future.. My best wishes for u dear...

  19. Hey ya girly...

    big big hugs on your milestone and many many more wonderful years ahead...
    always been a big fan of your work and most of all love to read your long posts yap yap yappping... but they are the fun part in addition to the super duper gorgeous flowers u make...

    So what i want to see is more and more flowers ... maybe tutorials for them and then some at my doorstep... :P

    Have a wonderful year ahead... All the best!!!

  20. Posted about it on FB so I hope you get lots and lots of followers... but make sure you keep the prize for me.... hahahaha

  21. Congrats. Though I am not entering your candy but all the best for the blog's future and I would love to see more of your beautiful creations on your blog.

    Also your tutorials are great.

  22. Congrats and all the best. Have entered my link and keeping my fingers crossed. Have also posted on my blog. Here is the link:

  23. Hi Kalinidi,

    Am your recent follower!! Loved the creations on ur blog. Loved your gorgeous distressing n the cute handmade flowers. Would love to see flower making tutorials from you.

    Have posted a link to your giveaway on my sidebar. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome candy.

    Would love to win and If I win, I would go with Craftadda option.


  24. Hi Kalinidi, Congrats for completing three wonderful years of blogging !I am a recent follower !I just loved your work n ur tutoprial section.n in future love to see more tuts on flowers...Thanks for the giveaway ! Adding it to my sidebar.Wishing you a very Happy New Year ! !

  25. Hi Kalindi,

    Am already your loyal follower. Though am unable to comment on each n every post I really love the way you craft and more than that the way you write up your posts... Great going girl.... May you get ample of time to write more.

    I would love to see tutorials on the lovely blooms that you make and of course know where you get such lovely inspirations from ??

    All the best for everything girl....


  26. Hi Kalindi, Congratulations!!! i am a recent follower but really like your blog and the creative stuff that you do!!
    Would love to see more hand made flower tutorials!!!
    Have added about this giveaway in my blog sidebar and would love to win and If I win, I would go with Craftadda option

  27. Hi Kalindi, Congratulations on completing three years in crafting world. Your new follower and still browsing your blog. I started crafting now and using my material otherwise I was so scared of cutting beautiful papers, sicking those beautiful flowers here n there so was selling them lately. But now I am using all for my self. I checked all are talking about your tutes so will go through surely and if they are so amzing than pls keep coming up with new ideas.


  28. Hi Kalindi,Got to know about your blog while visiting Sindhu's blog..:)
    Congratulations on completing 3 years of wonderful journey in the blog world. Have posted about the giveaway in sidebar and in my post (
    I am a novice crafter so don't have much to suggest..:P I need some suggestions for improvement :D
    All the best !

  29. Hi Kalindi.. Congratulations!! I'm already your follower and I love your descriptive posts, your photography skills, the colors you use to make your stuff and yeah! flowers too. Your work is awesome and need more tutorials like youtube videos.. would love to see them and thank you so much for the wonderful chance and if I'm lucky enough to win this awesome candy I would go for 'Craft Adda.' I've added the pic on the side bar of my blog. Thanks again..
    Best wishes
    Deepti Stephens

  30. Hey! This is so great! I've been a silent follower of your work for a long time, and I love how you put embellishments together. I'd love to see some more tutorials, though being a student myself I know how pressed for time we all are!

    Have posted about the giveaway in my sidebar, have followed you and here's my blog post :

    If I get this prize, I'm definitely choosing Craft Adda! :)

  31. Congrats girl for successful three years :) learnt a lot from you in these past few weeks, especially the punch crafting flowers :) Looking forward for many more years of posts and tutorials :D


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