Tuesday, January 01, 2013

So much for resolutions .. ;)

Oh is it not a coincidence that the card I decided to post about says Happy 2013 :P in the first picture itself. How very opportune :)
So here's wishing all you people a very Happy Year 2013. Hope its a positive, cheerful, healthy and safe one. Here's hoping for a great year ahead that sees you achieving your dreams and desires and rids you off of your mistakes. 
I decided to make a list of things I wish to achieve this year but I make it every year and by december I just crumble the paper and throw it in the bin since most of it remains on the paper . So I decided to make a mental note of my resolutions this year. To start with .. this card... 
My roomie wanted to give it to her Fiance..and I tell you ..this is one of those cards which had numerous layouts drawn, things were placed and replaced, there were plans made and dumped and humph...

 Yes I have a cute digi stamp (courtesy Shery K designs) but it seems laser printers aren't the best thing when you wish to water colour the image so I drew it :) and used OHP marker to outline and distress inks to colour. I also used Sakura glaze to colour at some places in order to highlight few areas like the very aubergine flowers :P. Since the die cut is textured it was a challenge to colour the picture.

The sentiment is handwritten too on the small banner below the cute kids. The numerals are courtesy Itsy Bitsy :) which have been pop dotted. Although I love them but I would love them to be more crisp around the edges and not that frayed. 

Aww...I did punch the border of the brown cardstock but its hardly visible. To come to think of it was useless. 

Taking cues from Priya :D I have a matching envelope (I hope she knows how much she inspires me). 

Waiting for your comments and feedback. 
Happy New Year once again all of you.. 

I have been content with brownies :P and no celebration but I wish you all a huge party. 

P.S. I shall put up videos and tutes for you as soon as I get few things sorted. (Mental Resolutions)


  1. Aaaaaah! Such an adorable card! :)

  2. This is SUCH a cute card Kalindi! :) I love the earthern tones you've chosen :)

  3. This is such an adorable card!..really enjoyed reading about your creative process...You really do explain yourself so wonderfully.....You know na...I am simply bowled over by your drawing & coloring skills you do such an amazing job of it! ...Love the colors you have used on this card ...It looks just Fabulous!! :)

  4. Its very cute card !I enjoy reading your posts as much I enjoy seeing your cards ...Wish you too a Happy new year ! I hope you will stay here and not fly back to Venus through out 2013 :D !!

  5. woa..So cute.. :D Happy New Year.. :)

  6. Very cute card...and yes equally wonderful writing too...this time the writing refers to your handwritten note.Its awesome.You never cease to inspire me Kalindi.Wish you a very happy and crafty year 2013

  7. Kalindi with her hand drawn images again.. :D n as always she has done a fab job.. lovely earthy tones.. and such a neat coloring.. I am glad tht I was able to inspire.. :)
    Happy New Year!

  8. Lovely card..Always love to read ur posts...Happy new year, Kalindi...

  9. wow so beautiful !! So good to see u get back to crafting all over again ! :)
    Love reading your posts :D ur just too good
    And the hand drawn image ? i mean ... u shud own a stamp company , design some of ur own with such amazing drawing !
    I totally love the earthy tones of the card and then the pop of color with the image :) well done dearie !!


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