About the loony..

An aspiring anthropologist while struggling with her daily pedagogic commitments decided upon crafting as an ultimate means to catharsis. 

My innate passion to create exclusive handmade articles combined with my fondness for the country’s versatile yet distinct arts and crafts legacy sets the path to the genesis of my brand "Crafting Aberrigines".    

The above content has been boring me for the past two years !! Its desperate for approval in an academic forum. Lets loosen up .. ;)

I am NO SAHM, not even hitched :P :) so it's just me and my crafts.
I am a lunatic (hows that for letting loose?) to sum it up.
Like any typical single child I am needy, clingy and emotionally deranged (oh please don't go..just yet). BUT !! I am also a loner at heart and simplicity as a way of life appeals to me.
I love animals like is quite evident in my posts. I have a super loony German Shepherd called "Gem" and I have loaned him to my parents :P till I get a job(check my side bar for his pic)...I even rescued a cute and very sane pup "sticky" but she is in an animal shelter doing well.
If you ever want me to do something for you, just bribe me with anything sweet and trust me I will be your slave till the box lasts ;) ...
My life is unnecessarily eventful and marred with tragedies but most of it is rather comic.
Did you know that every year Oxford decides upon a 'word of the year' and this year they thought of me and came up with 'Omnishambles' :D. It is completely unintentional but I have noticed my affinity with scandals hence I skip people and circumstances which cause unnecessary political mayhem around something as pristine as 'art'. Crafting is my way of life, my alter ego and it expresses my moods in more ways than my facial expressions.
I may not be a regular crafter because of my academic commitments but my mind has zillions of crafty ideas clamoring inside.
I would love to own a craft room with loads of stuff and be a regular crafter but life hasn't been kind to me..I am not made of stone God ! :(
Anyway !! do enjoy your stay and feel free to slam down some of my creations if you find them ridiculous and if you find something good and inspiring do let me know that too.. :D

Oh and I remembered I have an ugly set of fingers :S so if I ever upload videos don't look at my fingers :|

Arrivederci ..!

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